Xu Kai Responds to Fans Leaving Him Because of Weight Gain

Xu Kai Responds to Fans Leaving Him Because of Weight Gain

Xu Kai (许凯) has been gaining new fans with his new series, “Arsenal Military Academy” (烈火军校), which is currently airing. His character “Gu Yanzheng” (顾燕帧) is playful, immature, and quite different from his previous characters. He’s always picking on Bai Lu’s character “Xie Xiang” (谢襄). Fans enjoy “Gu Yanzheng” and even said “Xu Kai is just playing himself.”

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Xu Kai Responds to Fans Leaving Him Because of Weight Gain

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However, Xu Kai’s response to fans saying he’s similar to the character is: “It’s okay. I am more cold”. Xu Kai also said compared to his previous roles, there is only 10% similarities between him and “Gu Yanzheng”. While many fans enjoy Xu Kai’s appearance and him dressed in military gear, there were some “fans” who noticed he looked a little rounder in a recent interview and even said they will no longer be his fans.

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Interview where fans thought he gained weight: http://t.cn/Ai83UFAL

There was a recent interview where Xu Kai revealed a work colleague told him not to post so many pictures because of his weight gain. The staff member said, “Fans just started stanning you because of “Gu Yanzheng”. Once they see you, they’ll leave.” Fortunately, Xu Kai was not bothered by this colleague’s comment and said, “I know a lot of them have already left.” and said he reads their comments. He thanks his fans for following him and at the same time for them leaving, saying, “They’re young, it’s actually good to fall in love more. You can try liking different people.”

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Xu Kai Responds to Fans Leaving Him Because of Weight Gain

Clearly, Xu Kai isn’t bothered by his “fans” leaving.

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7 thoughts on “Xu Kai Responds to Fans Leaving Him Because of Weight Gain

  1. It’s really immature for people to think that someone’s appearance can hinder em` from reaching or attaining their goals.
    Xu Kai got along way to go in the future.
    I love his pontp whereby he said..”his fans can try liking someone else too because everyone is entitled to his/her own preferences.

    At some point it’s irritating for so call haters”….So someone should change because they want it lmao
    #@free xu Kai let him be
    He knows what’s best for him
    So will he stay tiny forever?

    I don’t care anyone can attack as much as they antw.
    Am not his die hard fan but the guy got potential 💓

  2. I have loved his talent of acting and of course he’s great eye candy! But, he also will change in appearance and age, I wish him great success in his career and his personal life too! Thank him for giving his best on each drama he appeared in for us fans!! U.S.A fan from Seattle Washington!

  3. If anything, that hairstyle is more of a problem to me than his weight. Whoever styled his hair for that interview did an awful job. Also, how shallow of those fans. Disliking someone because of their weight. Have they ever consider his acting? Fat or skinny, he is still himself. Still the same great actor. Seriously, this made me angry. Reminded me of those heartless husbands that cheated on their wives after they gave birth.

  4. This is one big reason I am upset at China as a whole, because of their supper strict and crazy views on weight. They put so much on body image, it’s crazy. Don’t get me wrong, I love the people, but that aspect of the culture got to go!!!!

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