Yu Zheng Responds to Clip of Bai Lu Pinching Xu Kai’s Butt

Yu Zheng Responds to Clip of Bai Lu Pinching Xu Kai's Butt

Rumored couple, Xu Kai (许凯) and Bai Lu’s (白鹿) new series, “Arsenal Military Academy” (烈火军校), is currently airing. This is their fourth time filming together probably due to them being from the same company. There are fans that ship them as a “CP” and some that aren’t too enthused with Bai Lu from a prior incident earlier this year. The two were trending on Weibo today after a clip of Bai Lu pinching Xu Kai’s butt during filming of “Arsenal Military Academy” was circulating online.

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The clip shows Bai Lu and Xu Kai dressed in costume on the set of “Arsenal Military Academy.” It looks like they were on a break as they weren’t any cameras rolling and crew members were also sitting nearby. Bai Lu is seen pinching and grabbing Xu Kai’s butt a few times. Once the clip went viral, many netizens left comments saying Bai Lu sexually harassed Xu Kai. Some netizens felt this was probably for the sake of the storyline. Nonetheless, fans wanted Bai Lu and Xu Kai’s company to address the incident.

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Yu Zheng (于正), the owner of their management company, addressed the incident today and clarified the butt pinching was scripted for the storyline and that the scene was cut prior to the series airing. He also criticized some overzealous fans for “talking filthily and using obscene language” and shouldn’t be considered fans for hurling insults at his artists. He says, “Also, there are a bunch of moronic fans that keep yelling at my female artists, you guys listen carefully. If you want to cause trouble, continue doing it. It won’t obstruct our family’s good relationship.” Yu Zheng also added fuel to the fire by saying Xu Kai and Bai Lu will continue to have more collaborations together.

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Yu Zheng Responds to Clip of Bai Lu Pinching Xu Kai's Butt

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In addition to Yu Zheng, the company’s official Weibo account, “Huan Yu TV” made an official statement and clarified the clip was actually a scene between the two from the series. They also added the clip was leaked through unofficial methods and resulted in slanderous accusations against their artist. The company already have lawyers obtaining evidence to protect their artists’ reputation and urged the public to stop misinterpreting the facts.

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12 thoughts on “Yu Zheng Responds to Clip of Bai Lu Pinching Xu Kai’s Butt

  1. The scene was scripted but was deleted before airing. Not only their boss tried to clarify the scene was scripted, the production company also tried to clarify to the fans that it was scripted. The fans were fueling anger towards the female artist without knowing the truth. Even to the point of harassing the female artist’s own family.

    Unfortunately, some fans only wanted to believe what they saw first handed instead of understanding and believing the whole truth which they don’t get to see.

    So anger fans want the management company to prove by showing their scripts? Of course that won’t be a problem, but because those were intellectual property of the production company, fans won’t be able to see it until fans face them in court which they already addressed that their lawyers are prepared and ready to defend and prove if anyone want to challenge their statements. Why can’t they just simply prove themselves instead of going through lawyers? Because management company do not have the time and human resources to deal with every issue the fans wish to address. That won’t be a good business model.

    Why their boss still wants to pair them up in future acting? Because the boss is running the company and not the fan. He won’t make up rules that one cannot pair with another because of some false accusations made by angry fans. Those people made false accusations and it already caused fear relationship within the artists. The boss doesn’t want that since the way he runs his company is like having a big family. At this point, he can only hold up his family and stay strong.

    The female artist here, Bai Lu, is a very hardworking person. In 4 years since her debut, she has already worked in 9 dramas filming (each filming set usually varies between 3 to 4 months), not counting the commercials filming, photoshoots, live sessions, events, shows, cast trials, makeups, voice dubbing, company events and gathering, and travelling from one place to another for the job. Do people honestly think she has the time and energy to really date with her busy schedule? I believe Xu Kai should also be as busy as her if not more, as he was more famous. I wish both success in their career. Say No to false accusations and think logically. Be sensible and reasonable. Don’t let False News run your day.

  2. Yeah right, the heck is that? It actually looks cute! It’s natural for people who have close relationships! Not to mention that they’re even dating! Ghad!! I can feel Bai Lu though, I pinch my friends’ butt too! It’s nothing major!

  3. i dont get they are close, they are firends. dus xu kai ever say he had a problem?? then why do you have a problem with it?. seeing people get mad about this and throwing hate towards bai lu is honenstly funny to watch! she should not be getting hate about such a small thing!!!! i think that they are only thowing hate at her for the smallest things because they dont have a life so they just need that tea. what bullshit. its not our issue its thiers.

  4. The girl is annoying, really. Sie behaves herself awfull, it was on the set of Legends as to the videos from the set, and she is continuing doing it. I don’t know the chinese mentality, but as for european she has a relationship not with this boy, but with some big boss. Tha’s why she makes what she wants. It’s a kind of sexism, i would say. Tthe scene has nothing to do with the storyline and it was not anywhere in the drama. I watched it up to the 40th ep and haven’t noticed it. If it is in the drama, where was it?

      1. Thanks, i’ve read the bio of the man and i woln’t belive his words. It would be nice if he will post somewhere the whole scene, i don’t think that the cut off scenes were deleted, not only this grabbing, than the issue could be solved. But he didn’t do that. For me it looks more as it is written in the article about the break. And “his grils” conduct themselves really brutal. May be it is usuall for chinese girls in China, as in Europe i haven’t witnessed such a behavior of chinese girls yet.

    1. And you putting hateful comments is not awful? I really think that that was cute. and didn’t you read it. It says that the butt pinching was scrippted for the storyline, but that scene was cut prior to the airing, that is why you can’t see it.

    2. You don’t understand?? Its cut scene … that leaks (sorry for my bad English 😁) there are many leaked scenes anyway… kissing scenes due to censorship in China .

    3. They should pair up Wu Jinyan and Xu Kai cuz Wu Jinyan has course voice and it’ll be perfect. Why is it that they keep pairing up Xu Kai and Bai lu??!

  5. Honestly he didn’t even look annoyed so why people so up in arms about it?

    They are probably dating since their dating rumour surfaced before they were paired off in drama.

  6. They cute. They probably are dating anyways. Plus those around don’t even pay attention to them and look like it’s during a scene. Whatever it is, it’s XuKai and Bailu’s issue.

    Just act well and give us good project to watch.

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