April Leung Shares Her Side of the Story on Relationship with Steven Cheung

April Leung Shares Her Side of the Story on Relationship with Steven Cheung

Out of all the ex-girlfriends Steven Cheung (張致恒) cheated on, model and actress, April Leung (梁皓恩), was perhaps the most impacted when he announced he was getting married and had a baby already. April Leung was one of the longtime girlfriends Steven Cheung was dating while he was seeing “n” amount of other girls at the same time. When April Leung found out about the news, she was devastated and showed signs of suicidal thoughts through her social media posts. She remained silent for 23 days since the scandal was exposed until today. She uploaded a video on her Instagram account detailing her side of the story on the relationship she had with Steven Cheung.

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The video is titled “Something to Share” and she includes a caption thanking her friends for their support and concern throughout this journey.

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In the video, April Leung expresses she is okay now, but saying that she’s completely fine is not possible. She then explains what the hashtag “thefiveyearsstolenfromme” was referring to: “The night before I saw Mr. Cheung’s post, I watched a movie called “The Stolen Years” (被偷走的那五年). After watching it, I sent a WhatsApp message to him. I didn’t think I would get this kind of response.” April Leung then confirms she and Steven Cheung dated since 2017 and says, “according to what I know, there shouldn’t be any overlap with his other ex-girlfriends.”

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April Leung also shared she was already taking medication to treat her depression when she first started dating Steven Cheung. She also said she was able to ween off the depression medication due to the time Steven Cheung spent with her. Even after she started seeing him less the next year, she didn’t have any suspicions about his activity. April Leung had even visited him in Hengdian in January and went backstage to one of his concerts.

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April Leung confirms she found out the same time as everyone else about Steven Cheung’s marriage and baby news. She couldn’t find him at the time and was devastated. It turns out they were still living together all this time. April Leung doesn’t divulge further and ended the video by thanking her friends for staying by her side around the clock while she was trying to find ways to heal herself.

Credit: hk.on.cc, April Leung IG