Li Xian and Friends Wish Yang Zi Happy Birthday Despite Her Pleas Not To

Li Xian and Friends Wish Yang Zi Happy Birthday Despite Her Pleas Not To

It was Yang Zi’s (杨紫) 28th birthday on November 6. Yang Zi posted a picture of herself with a birthday cake and the hashtag “Don’t wish me a happy birthday.” at midnight. Despite Yang Zi’s plea for people not to wish her a happy birthday, Li Xian (李现) and other celebrities ignore her request. Like last year, her “Go Go Squid!” co-star, Li Xian, reciprocated Yang Zi’s birthday wishes, a tradition the two have been doing since 2019.

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Li Xian reposted his birthday wish for Yang Zi from last year at 11:06 on the dot. His caption read, “Happy Birthday! Everything will go smoothly! Safety and joy!”. Yang Zi left a comment saying, “Thank you, my Xian-ge. No need to ask me what present I want anymore. Just mail it to me directly.” It looks like they need to take new pictures as the both of them reposted last year’s posts for each other’s birthdays this year.

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Aside from Li Xian, other celebrities also left birthday wishes for Yang Zi.

Huang Xiaoming (黄晓明), who worked with Yang Zi on “Chinese Restaurant 3”, wrote: “Insisted on wishing you happy birthday.” Yang Zi responded, “Hahaha, thank you my Xiaoming-ge. The first one to wish me a happy birthday, Xiaoming-ge. The first one to give me red packets, Xiaoming-ge.”

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Xuan Lu (宣璐) also left a comment saying, “Okay! Then I’ll wish you’ll be happy everyday and forever a youngster.” Yang Zi responded, “Hehe, thank you, dear.”

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Allen Ren (任嘉伦), who worked with Yang Zi in “The Destiny of White Snake” (天乩之白蛇传说), reposted her post at 11:06 and wrote, “I won’t say much. Must give my blessings in each place. 11:06! Happy Birthday”. Yang Zi responded, “Yang Ni’ao thanks Ren Guochao! Ah Chao must remember to treat me for a meal!”. Yang Ni’ao and Ren Guochao are Yang Zi and Allen Ren’s original names respectively.

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Good friend, Bridgette Qiao Xin, also reposted at 11:06 and wrote, “My favorite Little Zizi. Happy birthday. I will always be with you just like before.” Yang Zi responded, “You didn’t post it at midnight. Boohoo. You don’t love me anymore. Forget it, you video chatted me at midnight. I forgive you.” Then Yang Zi realized, “Wuwuwu, it turns out to be 11:06. You are so mindful. I love you again.” Bridgette Qiao responded to Yang Zi saying, “Heh, the love of you women. It really comes and goes.” Yang Zi responded to her with a bunch of ???.

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Zhang Yishan (张一山), who co-starred with Yang Zi in “Home With Kids” (家有儿女), exposed Yang Zi through their chat, showing that she asked him where her birthday wish was when she told everyone not to give her any. Yang Zi kept sending him pictures and Zhang Yishan said he would screenshot the chats and upload it online. Yang Zi dared him to do it, which he really did.

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