Yang Zi Continues Tradition of Sending Birthday Greetings to Li Xian

Yang Zi Continues Sending Birthday Greetings Tradition to Li Xian

Yang Zi (杨紫) and Li Xian (李现) became good friends after starring in last year’s breakout hit, “Go Go Squid!” (亲爱的, 热爱的), which led to the two actors becoming good friends. For Li Xian’s 28th birthday last year, Yang Zi wished him a happy birthday on October 19 at 10:21, saying, “The best old classmate, happy birthday! Peace and happiness~ Let’s continue walking on the flower road together~ Run towards your dreams! @李现ing.”

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Li Xian left a comment in Yang Zi’s birthday post and said, “Thank you, kind ‘Tong Nian’. Thank you, lively little monkey (Yang Zi’s nickname). Thank you to the skinny you!” Yang Zi responded, “Really wanted to post at 10:19. What happened was I was working and then I missed out. Even though I failed to [post] at the time stamp, but the intentions were there, hahahahaha.”

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When it was Yang Zi’s birthday last year, Li Xian also returned the birthday greetings. He wrote, “Happy birthday, wishing everything to go smoothly ~! @杨紫.” Yang Zi responded to his post and said, “Thank you, my best, ‘Han Shangyan’~ Take care of your health in the deep mountains!” Li Xian responded to her, “Deep mountains and dark night, too hard! Happy wrap up to filming!”

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For this year’s birthday, Yang Zi continued the tradition of wishing Li Xian a happy birthday. She reposted last year’s post at 12:01 am and said: “Another year, old classmate. Happy birthday, continue walking on the flower road!”

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Li Xian responded back to Yang Zi and said, “Thank you, my Zi-mei~! You also [need to be] well.”

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  1. These two!!! Many CPs don’t show much support after a shoot but these two have kept their friendship closely. I am happy to see this. They are such supportive friends…we need to see more support for each other like this for everyone!

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