Yang Zi and Jing Boran Explore Mental Health in Drama Adaptation of “The Psychologist”

Yang Zi and Jing Boran Explore Mental Health in Drama Adaptation of The Psychologist

Yang Zi (杨紫) and Jing Boran (井柏然) were announced as the female and male leads in the Youku drama, “The Psychologist” (女心理师), on September 10. Thankfully, the series avoided the billing order drama from Yang Zi’s previous drama, “The Golden Hairpin”. The series is adapted from author, Bi Shumin’s (毕淑敏) novel of the same name, which explores mental health, a taboo and oft disregarded topic among the Chinese society.

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The series revolves around female psychologist (which is the name of the novel and series in Chinese), “He Dun”, played by Yang Zi, who grew up with tragic childhood memories. Her career gets impacted after an incident dealing with a suicide intervention public welfare event. Through a series of events, she befriends “Qian Kaiyi”, played by Jing Boran, who is described to be a “warm man”, and “Fu Jiahui”. With persistence from “Qian Kaiyi”, he and “He Dun” co-host a radio show exploring emotions and psychology. The collaboration proves to be a success and at the same time, “He Dun’s” psychology practice keeps getting busier.

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It’s also at this time, “He Dun’s” mentor, “Ji Mingcong”, gets dragged into a scandal. While “He Dun” is on the journey to find the truth to exonerate her mentor, she uncovers a secret of “Ji Mingcong’s”. She also discovers “Fu Jiahui” was using her all along to get revenge on “Ji Mingcong”. On top of all this, “He Dun’s” mother is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. All these events create anxiety for “He Dun” and triggers her to start sleepwalking again. Because of this, a painful experience from”He Dun’s” memory surfaces again. This event leads to “He Dun” closing down her practice and bringing her mother to travel around the world. During this journey, “He Dun’s” misunderstanding towards her mother finally gets resolved. With the help of “Qian Kaiyi”, “He Dun’s” years of heart knots finally gets resolved.

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Filming is slated to start this winter. Jing Boran is reportedly filming a costume drama, “The Society of Four Leaves”, with Song Weilong right now.

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