Miss Hong Kong 2020 Winner, Lisa-Marie Tse, Shares the Qualities She Looks for in a Boyfriend

Miss Hong Kong 2020 Winner, Lisa-Marie Tse, Shares the Qualities She Looks for in a Boyfriend

The Miss Hong Kong 2020 pageant (香港小姐) has been one of the most watched pageant in the last 10 years of the show’s history. It’s reported the ratings for this year’s pageant were up 50% from prior years. One of the reasons for this year’s increased interest is probably due to this year’s winner, Lisa-Marie Tse (謝嘉怡), who was heralded as “the prettiest mixed Miss Hong Kong” in recent years. Aside from Lisa-Marie’s good looks, many people have commented on liking her personality as she seems very down to earth and has a sense of humor.

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Speaking with Oriental Daily News, Lisa-Marie Tse shared that she wasn’t purposely trying to be funny in her responses to the questions during the pageant. She revealed, “I just say whatever I’m thinking, but seeing everyone laugh, I followed and laughed. The things I’m thinking needs to be in English first and then transformed to Chinese. It requires a few seconds. I don’t have time to think about being funny.”

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The 25 year old Scottish nurse says she is not dating now. When talking about the qualities she looks for in a boyfriend, she said, “Doesn’t need to be a good looking guy, just needs to be taller than me and have a sense of humor, and like me. As long as we can communicate, it works.” Looking back on calling Luk Ho Ming (陸浩明) “ugly” and him actually fitting into the criteria of her ideal boyfriend, Lisa-Marie Tse said, “Luk Ho is ok! He is really funny, but he’s not ugly. He’s pretty cute, but he already has a very pretty girlfriend. I hope there is a chance to work together.”

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Lisa-Marie Tse has mentioned that she plans on staying in Hong Kong to develop her career in the entertainment industry and hopes to film action dramas and movies. She revealed she has given herself 5 years to stay in Hong Kong to develop her career. However, she must first be fluent in Cantonese. She expressed, “Right now, I can only listen to and speak about 50-60% Cantonese. I will use two years’ worth of time to learn Cantonese and write Chinese. Afterwards I’ll see if I am suitable to develop in the entertainment industry. I will watch more television and hire a teacher. It’ll be hard in the beginning. Right now, I need someone to read each word to me and then translate it into Pinyin. However, I am not afraid of the hardships.”

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Due to the pandemic, there were no sponsors for this year’s Miss Hong Kong 2020 pageant. TVB had to shelve out money for the crowns. In past years, the crown was reportedly worth millions as it was encrusted with diamonds. It was even reported Miss Hong Kong 1996 winner, Lee San-san, had auctioned off her crown for charity back in 2016. On the potential “devaluation” of her crown, Lisa-Marie Tse said, “I don’t know the crown’s value, but it doesn’t matter how much money it costs. I won’t sell it. I will be keeping it in my collection.”

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