Miss Hong Kong 2020 Winner, Lisa-Marie Tse, Staying in Hong Kong to Develop Showbiz Career

Miss Hong Kong 2020 Winner, Lisamarie Tse, Staying in Hong Kong to Develop Showbiz Career

Miss Hong Kong 2020 (2020香港小姐競選) crowned its winner on August 30, in Scottish and Hong Kong mixed Lisa-Marie Tse (謝嘉怡). The 25 year old operating room nurse was an immediate hot favorite to win since she was introduced as one of the overseas contestants joining the pageant. Many netizens labeled her as “the prettiest mixed Miss Hong Kong” in recent years. However, she was one of the shortest contestants, standing at 160 cm, weighing 47 kg.

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During the competition, Lisa-Marie Tse revealed her father had already wanted her to join the pageant when she was very young. She later revealed in an interview that when she was 17, her father already told her to go back to Hong Kong to join the pageant, but she didn’t want to because she was young and had a lot of friends in Scotland. Her father kept insisting, but she didn’t want to sign up at first, but later decided it was something she wanted to try, all thanks to her dad’s support. Lisa-Marie Tse’s father explained that he left Hong Kong for the UK when he was 22 so he had always wanted his daughter to learn about the culture in Hong Kong and said joining the pageant would let her experience a lot of things.

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When asked if she would be returning to Scotland, Lisa-Marie Tse said, “Not going back. My mom should be moving to Hong Kong. My dad won’t be.” On whether this is a dream come true, she responded, “My dad has cultivated me since young. He wanted me to become the Miss Hong Kong champion, learn how to dance, sing, and act. It’s a surprise now that I got it.”

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Lisa-Marie Tse revealed she has only slept for 2-3 hours each night since joining the pageant. She plans to work hard studying Cantonese and learn how to read and write Chinese characters. She also hopes to put more time to develop in the entertainment industry and expressed an interest in filming comedic movies and dramas.

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During her celebration with family, it was revealed Lisa-Marie Tse and eliminated Miss Hong Kong 2020 contestant, Casa Yuen, are actually cousins. Due to the travel restrictions from the pandemic, Lisa-Marie Tse’s mother couldn’t travel to Hong Kong as she doesn’t have a Hong Kong ID.

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