Miss Hong Kong 2020 Contestant, Celina Harto, is Dating Joey Thye’s Ex-Boyfriend

Miss Hong Kong 2020 Contestant, Celina Harto, is Dating Joey Thye's Ex-Boyfriend

The Hong Kong media is geared up as it’s pageant season. On July 17, 16 local contestants were finalized for the Miss Hong Kong 2020 (2020香港小姐競選) pageant with overseas contestants yet to be announced. There has already been dirt on one of the hot favorite contestants, Celina Harto (陳楨怡), who was dubbed as the “female version of Kim Woo Bin”.

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Miss Hong Kong 2020 Hot Favorite, Celina Harto, Addresses Rumors about Her Dating Life and Family Background

During the auditions, Celina Harto, who was said to have a “high fashion” look and always looked aloof, revealed she was in a relationship. Hong Kong media outlet, hk01.com, received information from an insider who revealed Celina Harto’s boyfriend, Andy, used to date singer and actress, Joey Thye (戴祖儀). She revealed Joey Thye and Andy met each other at Imperial College London and dated for three years.

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This insider who refers to herself as Ms. Wong explained, “I was their classmate. Celina Harto and Andy knew each other for some time already. They dated for two years already. They were in a long distance relationship when Celina Harto returned back to Hong Kong. Andy later returned to Hong Kong. I looked at his IG and knew he liked long legs. When he was with Joey Thye, the caption on the picture would say, “I’ll miss ur long legs”. Celina Harto stands at 175 cm, while Joey Thye is 170 cm tall.

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About Andy’s background, Ms. Wong shared, “His family should be considered wealthy. He has a few Audemars Piguet watches, drives nice cars. Celina Harto’s family background is also pretty good. Seems to live in a 2000 something square feet Causeway Bay home. She has a chauffeur driving her to and from.” Celina Harto’s ethnic background also came to question during the Miss Hong Kong 2020 auditions due to her last name, Harto. Ms. Wong revealed her father is a wealthy Indonesian native of Chinese descent. She claims when her family returns to Indonesia, a whole team comes to pick them up.

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Ms. Wong also alleges Celina Harto is a party girl and liked having men pursue her. When hk01.com asked about Celina Harto getting work done, Ms. Wong said, “She probably didn’t get work done. If it weren’t the eyes, then it wouldn’t be like this. From what I know, her chest wasn’t that big back then. I’m not saying she was an “airport”, but everyone knows she was an “iPad”. Right now, it’s probably shot like that.”

Celina Harto has not responded to the rumors.

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