Miss Hong Kong 2020 Contestants Finalized

Miss Hong Kong 2020 Contestants Finalized

After weeks of competing, the final 10 contestants have been decided for the Miss Hong Kong 2020 (2020香港小姐競選) pageant. The competition started out with 16 local contestants and two from overseas. After three rounds of elimination, 8 contestants were eliminated. The finale competition will be broadcasted live on August 30.

16 Local Miss Hong Kong 2020 Contestants Finalized

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On August 24, the 12 contestants met the press in swimsuits. Two more contestants were eliminated, rounding up the final 10 contestants: Yancy Wong (黃婉恩), Celina Harto (陳楨怡), Lisa-Marie Tse (謝嘉怡), Maisie Kwong (鄺美璇), Roxanne Ho (何孟珊), Amber Chan (陳煦凝), Rosita Kwok (郭柏妍), Ceci Mak (麥詩晴), Jessica Liu (廖慧儀), and Rosanna Tse Yan Ning (謝恩靈). The two contestants eliminated were Uki Law (羅雪妍) and Casa Yuen (源菲然).

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Hot favorite, Jessica Liu, is this year’s Kayan Choi, as she has been questioned about her tattoo on her abdomen. On the day of the swimsuit event, it was covered. When asked if she was asked by the organizers to cover it, Jessica Liu responded that everything was provided by them. She said it should be better covered on the day of the finale. She also explained the tattoo was in remembrance of her pet and doesn’t think it’s a big deal in this age nor should it affect her chances in the finale.

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Jessica Liu was also previously in the news for a clip introducing a restaurant that supposedly identified in an economic circle. She later deleted the clip. When asked if she was worried about being dragged into political turmoil, she responded, “Not worried. A lot of people were already talking about it during the auditions. I only wanted to introduce a good restaurant. I only wanted to try filming videos at the time. I later deleted it because my boyfriend didn’t want to be exposed.” As for rumors that she and her boyfriend have “messy lifestyles”, she responded, “We are very healthy in private, no bad habits. We rarely go chill. We like going to the beach more.”

2020 Miss Hong Kong Winners List

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