Top 15 Reasons Why Li Xian is Ideal Boyfriend Material

Top 12 Reasons Why Li Xian is Ideal Boyfriend Material Tencent Li Xian

Chinese actor, Li Xian (李现), has been trending on Weibo almost everyday for his character as “Han Shangyan / Gun” in the popular series, “Go Go Squid!” (亲爱的, 热爱的 also known as 蜜汁炖鱿鱼) that’s currently airing. Netizens have been shipping him and Chinese actress, Yang Zi (杨紫), his co-star in the series, as a CP due to their interactions. We rounded the top 12 reasons why Li Xian would make an ideal boyfriend.

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1.Nice body

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2. Plays the guitar and occasionally sings off key,

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3. Wears CK underwear

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4. Has a silly laugh

Top 12 Reasons Why Li Xian is Ideal Boyfriend Material

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5. Looks good in clothes

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6. Looks good without clothes

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7. He’s a “nuan nan” (warm man). At the 7/19 Tianjin interview, he gave Yang Zi the plush doll to cover her legs as she was wearing a skirt with a middle split. He looked at her again and asked her if she wanted the pillow instead, but Yang Zi said she wanted the doll.

Watch the entire video of their interview from 7/19:

8. Doesn’t have an ideal type, says fate is very important.

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9. He likes cats.

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10. Treats Yang Zi like a homie/brother. Li Xian was asked, “At what point during filming with Yang Zi, would your heart flutter? He responded: “You want me to flutter for my brother?! That’s too much.”

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11. Kept his promise to work out with Yang Zi after work, but she stood him up for hotpot. He even filmed himself working out and called out Yang Zi for not being there:

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12. Used to follow and liked IG posts from former AV actress, Asuka Kirara and Korean singer, IU

These were some of the PG-13 pictures he liked…

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13. Doesn’t drink or smoke

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14. Likes to go to the supermarket and cook

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15. Likes to go to art galleries

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