Li Xian Yelled at by Sasaeng Fans

Li Xian Yelled at by Sasaeng Fans

The sasaeng fans finally got to Li Xian. Everyone’s “July boyfriend”, Li Xian (李现), was on location for an advertisement. Even though this wasn’t a disclosed public event, there were some fans squatting to get a glimpse of him. It’s reported Li Xian and the staff members were trying to protect his appearance from being revealed throughout the entire shoot. When Li Xian was going to the bathroom, sasaeng fans were trying to take pictures of him, but were stopped by staff members. Li Xian is seen covered by a huge umbrella while being escorted. Naturally, this angered a few sasaeng fans.

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They started yelling at Li Xian with some obscenities and even called him “garbage”. One sasaeng fan even shouted out, “Who bought 500,000 copies of Bazaar?”, referring to the amount of copies sold of Li Xian’s Harper’s Bazaar magazine cover.

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Watch the shouting match here:

Li Xian Yelled at by Sasaeng Fans

Li Xian Reveals Dialogue with Paparazzi After They Tried to Provoke Him

As it turns out, Li Xian had previously talked about the culture of sasaeng fans and paparazzi chasing after celebrities in an interview. He revealed his life has been impacted by some of their behavior. There were times when sasaeng fans would constantly call his phone at 2,3 in the morning. Li Xian said he felt he lost freedom because everything he does is being monitored.

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He expressed, “The only thing I can do is through my actions and words, through my own values, my Weibo, or some media outlets, convey what I believe is the appropriate way of chasing after celebrities. This is all I can do to influence, even if it’s just one person or 100 people. I have no way of making everyone think this type of sasaeng behavior, paparazzi behavior, or scalper behavior is definitely wrong, but if I can change just one person, that’s one person.”

Watch his interview here:

Credit: Weibo (1, 2, 3)

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