Cici Wang Claps Back at Haters After Being Accused of Using Li Xian to Promote Herself

Cici Wang Claps Back at Haters After Being Accused of Using Li Xian to Promote Herself

Cici Wang (王紫璇) and Li Xian (李现) became a fan favorite couple after the two starred in the 2017 surprise hit drama, “Tientsin Mystic” (河神). The two also became good friends, often hanging together and posting pictures from their outings with other people on social media. Naturally, dating rumors would start. The rumors actually started in 2017 and was recently brought back to life again after Li Xian’s popularity surged exponentially due to “Go Go Squid!” (亲爱的热爱的).

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Netizens dug up supposed evidence from their social media activity suggesting Cici Wang and Li Xian are dating. The two never addressed the rumors until recently. Cici Wang was getting attacked by some haters for allegedly using Li Xian in dating rumors to promote herself. She finally clapped back at these people.

Netizens Suspect Li Xian and Cici Wang are Dating

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The first occasion where Cici Wang responded was on August 30 through Instagram. In her post, she expressed:

“So many supposed “sneaky” things going on, if I were to “sneak”, you think you would be able to see it? Is there a need to overanalyze everything? Not every actor is as unscrupulous as you think they are, only thinking about getting famous. I am very happy about my current status. I don’t need to “freeload”. Stirring up rumors is not worth my time. To trouble the people that think this way, please don’t come to my area to express your narrow minded views. A lot of people helped me explain. I saw all of it. Thank you all. This time, I’m expressing these views myself.”

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On August 31, she responded to the haters again, but on Weibo. This time, she said:

“If you want to troll, then learn Chinese properly. It’s very important. It’s “紫”, not “子” and not “梓” either. Don’t drag any more innocent people into this. Taking a vacation is even more sufferable than filming. Let me peacefully enjoy the rest of my vacation. Don’t blindly yell at me anymore.”

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The trolls might have stirred up drama stemming from this post where Cici Wang mentioned Li Xian saying, “Xian ge is really a liking machine that doesn’t have any emotions.”, referring to him liking a lot of posts without thought. A lot of netizens left comments expressing happiness over Li Xian liking her post.

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  1. people are ridiculous… just read and move on/// no need to be a hater and traipse crap on someone else’s life.. cant stand the negative nannies out there!!

  2. Whether they’re dating or not, It’s no one’s business but their own.
    These fan girls are just jealous that they can’t get to personally know Li Xian.
    If anything, CiCi knew Li Xian longer than most of these so called fans.

  3. I think people are over thinking. They seem like good friends and that’s all. Whenever they hang out it looks like with a group of people. Can’t celebrities of opposite sex hang out outside of work? People are getting out of hand here.

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