Netizens Suspect Li Xian and Cici Wang are Dating

Netizens Suspect Li Xian and Cici Wang are Dating

Netizens’ “July Boyfriend”, Li Xian (李现), is in the news again. While his series, “Go Go Squid!” (亲爱的热爱的), finished airing recently, his popularity is still rising. Even when netizens drummed up “evidence” of him and his “Tientsin Mystic” (河神) co-star, Cici Wang (王紫璇), dating, it made it to major news outlets like Sina and Sohu.

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The major news outlets reported today that netizens found evidence of a possible romance between Li Xian and Cici Wang. This wouldn’t be the first time the two were rumored to be dating. It’s unsure what triggered the dating rumors again. The two have been a fan favorite couple ever since “Tientsin Mystic”. Off camera, they are also good friends and have hung out together on numerous occasions.

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In prior dating rumors, netizens found a lot of similarities between the two. They showed pictures of them liking the same television shows, posting pictures from the same art gallery, and using the same accessories. Netizens even suspect the tattoo on Li Xian’s ankle was inspired by the famous painting, “The Great Wave”, which Cici Wang had once said was her favorite on IG.

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The new evidence doesn’t substantiate any of the rumors. It shows pictures of them going to an art gallery together, wearing “matching couple” Snoopy t-shirts, and Cici Wang liking a post about the movie, “Green Book” after Li Xian posted about it first. The both of them definitely have similar interests in art and movies.

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Netizens Suspect Li Xian and Cici Wang are Dating

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On Li Xian’s birthday last year, Cici Wang posted a song “I Love You” on Weibo, which netizens suspect was dedicated to Li Xian.

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Netizens Suspect Li Xian and Cici Wang are Dating

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A netizen recently shared pictures back from June 2017 that she suspects were of Li Xian and Cici Wang working out together at a Shanghai hotel. There were no pictures of their faces, but the netizen supports her claims by showing the clothes worn by the girl in the picture with Li Xian are very similar to the ones Cici Wang has worn before.

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Netizens Suspect Li Xian and Cici Wang are Dating

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Sina Entertainment reached out to Li Xian’s team on the rumors and they responded back with the Nick Young meme and didn’t say anything else further. Cici Wang’s side has not responded.

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Netizens Suspect Li Xian and Cici Wang are Dating

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  1. I wish Yang Zi will found her soul mate who will love her deeply including her imperfection if there is any . Wish her unlimited happiness, good health and more successes/achievements. May God bless her and her career.

  2. Regardless of what the truth is, I hope Li Xian’s career continues to flourish. I’m not familiar with the girl as I did not watch their drama, but hopefully, she does not get any hate due to unfounded rumors that may or may not be true. Although, I’m a bit disappointed that he is not with Yang Zi, I know that their collaboration was due purely for business and friendship is probably the closest they’ll be to a relationship. Anyway, being in the entertainment industry is extremely difficult, so I wish the both of them the best of luck.

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