Why are Fan Girls Fawning Over Li Xian, the Male Lead in C-Drama, “Go Go Squid!”?

Why are Fan Girls Fawning Over Li Xian, the Male Lead in C-Drama, Go Go Squid!?

New C-Drama, “Go Go Squid!” (亲爱的, 热爱的 also known as 蜜汁炖鱿鱼), starring Li Xian (李现) and Yang Zi (杨紫), started airing on July 9. Since the series was adapted based on a popular novel, it had already garnered a lot of interest. To top it off, the trailer attracted even more fan girls when it showed the two leads kissing 5 times, which is considered a lot in most Asian dramas. While Yang Zi is already an accomplished actress, the break out star of the series might be male lead, Li Xian.

Li Xian and Yang Zi Improvised a lot While Filming “Go Go Squid!”

Li Xian wasn’t the First Choice to Play “Han Shangyan” in “Go Go Squid!”

Li Xian plays the character, “Han Shangyan” (韩商言), who is a legend/whiz in the professional gaming world. His character always has on a poker face and a cold demeanor. Along with his sharp eye expression and his low voice, it screams domineering CEO vibes. Fan girls are starting to crown him as the next generation male god. It also doesn’t hurt that he is 185 cm (~6’1″) and doesn’t fit the stereotypical impression of what a gamer looks like.

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Li Xian Reveals His Ideal Type and Female Goddess

Even though “Han Shangyan” has a rough demeanor on the exterior, he is kind and gentle on the inside, especially when it comes to female lead, “Tong Nian” (佟年), played by Yang Zi. Her character is a straight A student and falls in love at first sight when she sees “Han Shangyan.” She starts to pursue after him and eventually melts his ice cold persona. At one point “Han Shangyan” confesses to “Tong Nian” saying: “Aside from you, this man called Han Shangyan, has nothing, only this is real.”

Yang Zi and Li Xian Gave Each Other Unscripted Kisses in “Go Go Squid! BTS Video

Netizens Have Crowned Li Xian as their “July Boyfriend”

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Some of the other iconic lines from “Han Shangyan” include:

“As long as you’re still my girlfriend, whatever you want, I will try to fulfill. I will do as I promised.”
“I am yours, sooner or later.”
“After the competition is over, we’ll get married.”
“A lifetime is so long, I will still give it all to you.”

Watch the first episode:

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