Netizens Have Mixed Reactions over Rumors of Xiao Zhan and Yang Zi Collaborating in New Series

Netizens Have Mixed Reactions over Rumors of Xiao Zhan and Yang Zi Collaborating in New Series

These past few days, there have been rumors circulating that Xiao Zhan (肖战) and Yang Zi (杨紫) will be filming together on a new series called “The Oath of Love”(余生,请多指教). The series is based on a novel with filming is set to start next month. Xiao Zhan is coming off the popularity of “The Untamed” (陈情令), while Yang Zi is already an established actress with “Go Go Squid!” (亲爱的,热爱的) elevating her status even more. However, there are some netizens that are not exactly on board with Xiao Zhan being paired up with Yang Zi for this series.

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Netizens Have Mixed Reactions over Rumors of Xiao Zhan and Yang Zi Collaborating in New Series

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Xiao Zhan would be playing “Gu Wei” (顾魏), a 31 year old gastroenterologist. His character is supposed to be mature, wise, and lonely. He is said to be cold on the outside, but is actually a really warm and kind person. As for Yang Zi, she is playing “Lin Zhixiao” (林之校), a 21 year old cellist studying music in her third year of university. She is lively and cheerful. Her character is passionate and doesn’t give up easily. The 10 year age gap between the leads are the same as Yang Zi and Li Xian’s characters in “Go Go Squid!.”

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Once the rumors got out, some netizens were unhappy with the pairing. Many felt Yang Zi was not suitable for this role and doesn’t match well with Xiao Zhan. They left comments such as: “Please, no Yang Zi!”, “Following Xiao Zhan, my heart has died a bit. I really don’t like Yang Zi. She’s always touching her male co-stars just because they are “brothers.” She’s not really pretty anyways. Her face is so stiff, why is she always playing pretty roles?”, “So they changed the female lead? I really get annoyed looking at Yang Zi.”, “Don’t want, don’t want. Can we let Xiao Pretty go? I can’t swallow Yang Zi.”, “I don’t want Yang Zi to be the female lead.”

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However, there were also some Xiao Zhan fans that defended the pairing. Some of the comments said, “Nonsense, Xiao Zhan fans really like Yang Zi.”, “Xiao Zhan fans aren’t unsatisfied. Xiao Zhan fans respects all collaborating actors.”, “Xiao Zhan fans didn’t say anything. Don’t put this on us.”

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There hasn’t been any official announcements yet about the series or the cast. The only person who can be confirmed is Xiao Zhan as he and the series’ official Weibo account are following each other. However, the followers list also shows they are following fellow actresses, Lareina Song (宋祖儿), and Yukee Chen Yuqi (陈钰琪). It’s uncertain if there were indeed changes in the casting. Everyone will just have to wait for the official announcements.

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8 thoughts on “Netizens Have Mixed Reactions over Rumors of Xiao Zhan and Yang Zi Collaborating in New Series

  1. Wow I finished reading all this comment,and it’s very sad,the media is interfering to much,the actress and actors they have there own directors,producers,they make there decisions,beauty or not pretty has nothing todo with acting the important is that person knows how to perform and that is important to me. I love Chinese and Korea dramas my favourite are historical,fantasy dramas.

  2. All I read about people not wanting Yang Zi is ignorance and it’s sad to read. Yang Zi would be doing her job and if selected to do the part she would be chosen by the people that see she has the potential to fill the role. As for her joking around with the people, she works with if they are not comfortable that is something they would tell her. Some fans take things to heart and act like they are apart of these actors and singers lives. They trash talk people and believe that looks good or makes sense when in fact it only hurts the same people they claim to be fans of.

  3. Wut if both stay in their dramas 4ever like new season u know everyone will be happy then….

    But wut 2 do I already LOVE my #weiwuxian #xiaozhan & #wangji #wangyibo ………… #theuntamed…

    I LIKE #gogosquid! Too #tongnian #yangzi

    So 2 my fellow fans let’s just support em bcz u never know as the saying goes #dontjudgeabookbyitscover ….. u never know bcz both want 2 experience some chem 2gether and maybe we will like it as we do now

    Nononoooooo I’m not shipping em 2gether noooooo way wwx is ma MAN I can’t give him away just like that ……..though baiyaoyao will always be ma siz from #TDOWS

    1. No.No..I dont like both Xiao zhan and Yang zi. I dont like they are doesn’t match as well. 😐☹️☹️☹️☹️ I unhappy !?!

      He Xiao zhan only love Wang yibo they are match soul as well. I love both guy Xiao zhan and Wang yibo look like a match soul by heaven 😍 . I like to see watch have fun about Jealous again, Smile always, love and bromance . 😍😍😍😍😘😘😘😘😘

      1. Um, I like Yibo and Zhanzhan together too, but it’s not like they can only act with each other in every single thing from now on! They are actors, of course they’ll act with a lot of different actors and actreses! Don’t be childish, support both of them in all their projects.

        1. For me! I’m not big fan of Yibo or Zhan actors!
          I’m only big fan of only Yizhan!
          So so sorry I can’t support both of them in all their projects.
          You can’t change my mind! 😂😂 👋 bye bye the oath of love

      2. If you really love Xiao Zhan then respect what his works!! He is an actor, he can play role with whatever get and whoever that paired with him!!

      3. I really enjoyed Xiao Zhan and Wang Yibo in “The Untamed,” too – and they did seem to get along very well – but obviously life goes on…? They’re actors. They’re both going to have other co-stars. ^^;

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