Xiao Zhan is an EXO Fan

Xiao Zhan is an EXO Fan

Xiao Zhan (肖战) has become many fan girls and fan boys idol after starring as “Wei Wuxian” (魏无羡) in “The Untamed” (陈情令). Even though Xiao Zhan is idolized by millions of people, he was once a fan boy too.

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Netizens discovered an old comment from Xiao Zhan before he entered the industry. He seemed to be a fan of K-Pop group, EXO. Back in April 2012, just when EXO debuted, he left a comment under another K-Pop group’s music video on Weibo. That other K-Pop group turned out to be NU’EST and the music video was “Face”. Xiao Zhan left a comment saying, “EXO completely wins.”

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Xiao Zhan is an EXO Fan

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Some netizens took Xiao Zhan’s comment as dissing NU’EST as the phrase “完胜” translates to someone beating out an opponent by a lot. However, most netizens felt that it shouldn’t be taken out of context since he wasn’t a celebrity back in 2012. One netizen thought it was interesting that Xiao Zhan chose to use the same Weibo account when he debuted since fans can track his historical activity. However, checking Xiao Zhan’s Weibo account, he has limited viewing on his old posts that were made prior to his debut.

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Xiao Zhan is an EXO Fan

I wonder if Xiao Zhan is still an EXO fan.

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  1. It was funny when Xiao Zhan and the casts did The Untamed Fanmeeting in Thailand at Impact Exhibition Hall, and next to the hall at the same time held EXO concert at Impact Arena. Fans went wondering if he was informed about this. lol

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