Wang Yibo Complains about Xiao Zhan Bullying Him While Filming “The Untamed”

Wang Yibo Complains about Xiao Zhan Bullying Him While Filming The Untamed

Chinese costume drama, “The Untamed” (陈情令), is currently airing and is a fan favorite among netizens. Unlike most period dramas, the series focuses on the brotherhood between the two male leads played by Xiao Zhan (肖战) and Wang Yibo (王一博). The series was actually adapted from the novel, “Mo Dao Zu Shi” (魔道祖师), where the male leads are in a romantic relationship. Due to censorship regulations in China, the script was revised to focus on the brotherhood relationship for the television adaptation. Even so, this hasn’t stopped netizens from shipping the male leads as a couple as each episode is full of what netizens would call “CP candy.”

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However, there was a 9 minute behind the scenes clip showing Wang Yibo and Xiao Zhan taking jabs at each other. At one point, Wang Yibo says, “He’s yelling at me. He thinks being older than me by 6 years, he can always bully me. This older brother…” Xiao Zhan then retorts, “When have you treated me like an older brother?” Somehow the two start throwing out Korean phrases with Xiao Zhan calling Wang Yibo his senior. Fans enjoyed the bickering and even said “9 minutes of this video is much more exciting than 50 episodes of the series.” Xiao Zhan and Wang Yibo are quite similar in that they both debuted as members of boy bands, X NINE and UNIQ, respectively.

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Watch the clip here:

Aside from their camaraderie, the series is also known for its appealing visuals. The size of Xiao Zhan’s narrow waist was even trending on Weibo, eliciting many envious responses from netizens.

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Wang Yibo Complains about Xiao Zhan Bullying Him While Filming "The Untamed"

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Netizens enjoy the visuals so much that they have jokingly referred to the series as “陈情令101” (The Untamed 101), a play on the idol survival reality show, “Produce 101.” Tencent even made a meme of the 9 male cast members and asked netizens to vote for them, “Produce 101” style.

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Who would be your center?

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Tencent has uploaded the episodes with English Subs on Youtube.

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  1. Since wangyibo likes basketball n dancing. Can someone forward to him Michael Jackson’s video, “Slam”. NBA famous basketball player , Michael Jordan is in the video too.

  2. Saw one clip when Wang Yi Bo called his dad and tested whether he could speak for 3 minutes and he couldn’t say I Love you dad. I can understand the awkwardness due to Chinese background. Sometimes parents need some encouragement of being loved too. So Yi Bo, jia yeo! Just a text of 👍😋 means a lot to him. Sorry I don’t write Chinese. If your friends can translate to you, would be appreciated.

    1. i really love this show, i hated to see it go, but i enjoyed my time watching it. And i am sure that they enjoyed their time filming it too.

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