“The Untamed” Director, Chan Ka Lam, Speaks Up for Xiao Zhan After He was Awarded “Most Disappointing Actor”

"The Untamed" Director, Chan Ka Lam, Speaks Up for Xiao Zhan After He was Awarded "Most Disappointing Actor"

China has their own version of the Razzies, called the “Golden Broom Awards for Chinese Films”, which gives out awards based on the worst film contributions of the year. The awards are reportedly chosen by film industry workers ranging from directors, critics, producers, screenwriters, and more. On June 29, the awards show held its 11th ceremony virtually. Xiao Zhan (肖战) and Meng Meiqi (孟美岐) were awarded the “Most Disappointing Actor” and “Most Disappointing Actress” awards respectively for their performances in “Jade Dynasty” (诛仙Ⅰ). Soon after the announcement, film maker/screenwriter/director, Cheng Qingsong (程青松), who is also the founder of the “Golden Broom Awards”, made a post criticizing Xiao Zhan’s acting and him being the recipient of the award.

Screenwriter Throws Shade at Xiao Zhan, Says Leads are Only There to Attract Box Office Traffic

On June 29, Cheng Qingsong said about Xiao Zhan: “The character, “Zhang Xiaofan”, was not established from beginning to end. Xiao Zhan had no way of giving the character personality and charisma, performance was over the top, there was no sense of wholeness, the character became a puppet at a fair. He doesn’t know how to handle the character. After he got possessed, he only focused on the outer form, couldn’t see any psychological changes. As for his interaction with his co-stars, it was lacking rhythm nor were there sparks or waves in their interactions. Overall, Xiao Zhan’s performance in “Jade Dynasty” was unsatisfactory, the “Most Disappointing”, was deserved.”

Hong Kong Actress, Do Do Cheng, Praises Xiao Zhan’s Performance in “The Untamed” and Reveals Her Affinity with Him

Cheng Qingsong with the “Golden Broom”

Xiao Zhan Talks about His “Nude” Scene in “Jade Dynasty”

He also said this about Xiao Zhan and Meng Meiqi in a separate interview: “A film’s performance, whether good or bad, is sometimes the director’s and other times the actor’s responsibility. Qin Hao (秦昊) once mentioned, filming a bad movie is the director’s responsibility. I extremely agree with this statement. But when an actor accepts to film a bad movie, that is your own responsibility. So you need to be accountable for the responsibility you should be bearing.”

Tension Arises After Guo Jingming Awards He Changxi with Highest Grade for “The Untamed” Reenactment on “Everybody Stand By 2”

Xiao Zhan and Wang Yibo Gave Lots of Fan Service at “The Untamed” Fan Meeting

Last September, Cheng Qingsong had already criticized Xiao Zhan’s acting and the rest of the “Jade Dynasty” cast. At the time, Cheng Qingsong expressed Xiao Zhan and the cast were just there to draw box office traffic and that buying hot searches on the Weibo trending list wouldn’t tout their acting. He went on further to say that the “Golden Broom Awards” would be the only ones to search for them.

Xiao Zhan and Wang Yibo Want to Collaborate Again

Chan Ka Lam (陳家霖), “The Untamed” (陈情令) director, wrote a lengthy post without naming or tagging anyone, but it was clearly in response to Chen Qingsong’s post about Xiao Zhan’s acting. He wrote:

“Filmed a series two years ago and I met a bunch of hard working rookie actors. Among the group, there was one actor who especially used a lot of effort and heart. He is very polite, very humble. He would take the initiative to greet everyone when we started work everyday. He would also say “It has been hard” to every crew member when we got off work. It was an especially hot summer at Hengdian that year. I remember there was a scene one day where we were filming the punishment scene picking up dung and afterwards, he was strapped into wire mid-air. There were no clouds in the sky that day. The sun was practically shining on everyone like it was trying to melt us. He looked like he was having a bit of heatstroke. I immediately asked, “How are you doing? Are you okay?”. He responded to me, “Don’t worry, not a problem. Can continue filming.”

Xiao Zhan and Wang Yibo Reveal Their Failed Meetups and Why They Had to Apologize to the Director while Filming “The Untamed”

Wang Yibo Complains about Xiao Zhan Bullying Him While Filming “The Untamed”

There was also one time where we filmed a rain scene for seven consecutive nights. The sprinkler carts kept pouring out water. His eyes were often bloodshot due to the long filming hours each day. In addition to those few nights of filming, his eyes were infected from the man made rain, but he still maintained his professionalism to complete filming. There was also another time where he was filming an action scene and made a mistake and his lips ended up getting smashed. After getting his wound treated at the hospital, he continued filming the night scenes. There are so, so many, of these examples. As an actor, he is worthy of being an actor. Singing songs on stage, he is worthy of being a singer. I filmed with him for over four months, from morning to night, from night to morning. How about you guys? Do you understand him more than me? Do you know him? Have you met him before? Please be a person!”

“The Untamed” Assistant Director, Yue Liang, Answers Fan’s Request to Share BTS Photos with Cast Members

Xiao Zhan Dedicates Birthday Post to Wang Yibo and Fan Girls are Going Crazy

This wouldn’t be the first time Chan Ka Lam showed support for Xiao Zhan. After Xiao Zhan’s interview with the “Economic View” about his hiatus and the AO3 incident came out, he also praised Xiao Zhan.

Meng Ziyi Denies Being the Cause of a Fire that Killed Two People on “The Untamed” Film Set

Meng Meiqi Talks about Being Awarded “Most Disappointing Actress” at the “Golden Broom Awards” for the First Time

Shortly after Chan Ka Lam’s post came out, Cheng Qingsong made another post not addressing it to anyone, saying: “People without acting skills are starting to market themselves with acting skills again. How is it that there is no self-awareness? Those of us who never buy hot searches are really from a different world from those of you who like to buy hot searches.”

Xiao Zhan’s Manager Denies Being Mastermind Behind AO3 Scandal

Director Chan Ka Lam with the cast of “The Untamed” at the celebratory dinner last year after the show ended.

Xiao Zhan Writes Open Letter to Himself for 29th Birthday

According to Sohu Entertainment, the organizers of the awards show had invited Meng Meiqi and Xiao Zhan to attend the show. They claim Meng Meiqi’s team didn’t respond, while Xiao Zhan’s side responded he wasn’t in Beijing.

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  1. Tsk tsk tsk tsk..
    He doesn’t deserve to be there as a chairman or spokes person.
    He is bitter or just want to show his might.
    I don’t know what his agenda is but I shall thank him because He’s parving a better ways for Ciao Zhan. What is the story or movie this person ever produce anyway???? Nanda yoh. I hope he’s getting drown by his own bitterness.
    Such a butter person should just resign from his seat.
    Chinese Movie is growing up just fine and “The Untamed” is air everywhere now.
    Tsk tsk bitter old man. Does his wife or kid fall in love with a person Xiao.

  2. I guess that guy just wants to leech off some fame from xiao zhan by tagging him as disappointing thus provoking a lot of fans. Disgusting!

  3. I had never had a number one male guy in my list of awesome actors. Xiao Zhan is a my number one and will always be my number one. I have been watching drama way before I could remember anything. I am a very picky girl. There are so many other actor who are better than him, but he is my number one. I love his friendly attitudes and how determine he is. I wish many people will appreciate him more then to criticize him. I can’t believe he was awarded the most disappointing actor. I would like to know on what concept other then your unbelievable claim of him. I don’t believe that the movie is poorly made. The actors show emotions in their eyes, face, and body. The editing was also on point. The storyline was also engaging and funny. I have watch all the BTS of the untame and Jade Dynasty. I have seen how much work and efforts Xiao Zhan gave into his role. Xiao Zhan continue fighting as I and many others fans are behind you. I wish I can do something more to show my support.

  4. Seriously? I had watched him on different films and he is amazing. Especially on The Untamed. I got hooked in Cdramas because of The Untamed and because of Xiao. To be awarded as most disappointing actor? I think I am more disappointed to those who can’t appreciate him. If you can’t appreciate him, why criticize? To my very first chinese idol, heads on Xiao. Keep on shining. We’ll always be here for you. We love you❤️❤️❤️

  5. I feel it’s so not fair for someone to judge someone from their earlier work. You can only get better as you work and that’s what Xiao Zhan has done. He worked tirelessly, and he gets so many roadblocks this year. He doesn’t deserve it. What has he done to anyone? Are you that jealous of his success. Be careful of karma. Life has a way of rewarding the kind. Jiayou Xiao Zhan. Whatever happen, we will support you forever. 💗💗💗

  6. That insulting man is too arrogant. Even a vicious concubine of a king will be smarter than him. He should know it’s not face or act that satisfy us but the hard work they put in it. Seems like he have eyes but still can’t see mt.Tai.

    1. Such arrogance,know it all attitude,and too heavy handed with a pessimistic view,laced with a bitter edge of the millennials is not appropriate . Such abrasive derision is not tolerated in any profession in US..In USA,people who casts judgement on the portrayal of a character in film or novel,do so with so much wit, humor,irony and sarcasm .I am surprised, parents with millennial kids at home or university allow such derision .The Millennials are not only highly educated but progressive in their views . Learning is an on going process .i believe, anything the young kids do not know,they can learn and slowly cultivate as they go along .
      I am glad the Untamed director has the heart to stand up for Sean.Many years ago,one of the professor in Britain said,after a while,you can tell the difference between a sheep and goat .
      Sean,there is no harm in being apologetic for any sort of criticism that help us to improve the way we do things .It makes us a better person when we keep improving ..No one is perfect. An entertainer who has the tact of a Rattlesnake and does not know how to temper their words,will not go far without public affection .Simply graciously said, thank you for the award,I guess I need it and then laugh it off .

    2. Lmao right? Have you seen the special effects and Cinematography is SOOO lacking like there’s a scene where Xiao Zhan gets stabbed in The neck and the sword doesn’t even go INTO his neck. The sword is literally behind his neck as if it is going through it. Zhans just doing what he’s being told to do and it’s up to the producers and directors to make it look good. That’s not his responsibility. It reminds me of when kids would stand to the side and pretend to put their finger in their nose by making it look like it is from the side and the finger is going in from the side haha. On the contrary, the director And producers of The Untamed did a hella good job on everything about it from the props, makeup, hair, set, and special effects. It was absolutely incredible. Ciao Zhan deserves all the praise and fame he’s gotten. I’ll forever think that Xiao Zhan’s acting, especially in the untamed, is way too good. It was all too real. Xiao Zhan is able to cry on cue which is a really difficult task to make. His expression and portrayal of emotions is also outstanding. I’ll never get over his scene when Wei Wuxian gets dumped in the burial grounds and he’s being overwhelmed by pain, sorrow, anger, and sadness and the voices are just calling and taunting his name. It gave me chills. Also the crying scenes too, and when he’s on the roof when the clans are going to kill him. That scene is so empowering. And he’s also very devoted too as the director of the untamed said. I’m happy that he defended him. Those people who voted against him are just jealous. Let’s see if you can do better. I bet you can’t.

  7. i love xiao zhan he’s the reason i watched the untamed. but you guys realize that they were talking about his performance in another film of his and not the untamed? we all know that he did great in TU but it is also possible he did a poor performance/under performed in Jade Dynasty. it happens to every actor, unless you’re meryl streep or viola davis. it was not only one person who criticized him, it’s a group of professionals that rated his performance. i know as fans we tend to be protective of our idols but for all we know, for xiao zhan this could be his drive to be better.

    1. Have you seen the said movie? Because I have and he doesn’t deserve all the bad reviews he’s getting.

  8. Well, aren’t the one who buy for hot searches is the one who being so presistent to have such ‘ most dissapointing ‘ nominee in their oh so called grand award, that doesn’t even can be used as barometer of how good or dissapointing a movie and actor is. Not to mention of how not so creative the founder is to use a broom as a thropy, maybe he just wanna say that ‘ actor are trash ‘, Lol are you a maid before ?

    1. Right. That guy is basically a negative vine by creating the award itself. He deserves the award for “most dissapointing award show” and the “most dissapointing human being”.

      1. i think this director guy is disgusting and need a brain checkup. taking advantage of other people misery just to get some fame,just how low can u get, just bcause he got some useless broom, doesn’t mean he can bash on other people just like that, and what with the awards, the most disappointing actor/actress??? ohh plz, anyone who make this award is definitely an idiot who has no organ that we call brain, and now i know why u make the trophy broom, i think u need to sweep ur brain and eyes to clear any dust or garbage inside.

        not to mention the ao3 accident, it is definitely not his fault. people just want attention sometime. they should know the rule of “don’t like don’t read” right?? so why bother themselves with it. and if they really didn’t like the cover, they could just tell the author to take it down, they could just have a nice chat and talk nicely rather than having a war, report it or a ruckus. and now they already ban it, so what can they do. it was their OWN FAULT and they blamed xiao xhan so they could have a black sheep and make his reputation bad.

    2. I’ve seen Jade Dynasty, to be honest after watching two seasons from the TV series, the movie has nothing…..nothing to do with Jade Dynasty story other than using the same character name. I was quite disappointed with the story, So the script writer should be the one to blame. I truly think XZ’s acting are not bad at all as i’ve seen many bad actings in other series and movie. Also to be fair, that was XZ’s first ever movie and probably just his 3rd or 4th times on acting, and it was before the untamed, just because the untamed happens to air before the movie so there became a comparison but we all can witness that his acting is improving.

  9. He is the reason i watch the movie so all those saying he’s not a good actor please find a place to hang yourselfs

  10. Really hope that the ‘dark ages” of XZ will pass shortly. I look forward to seeing XZ acting and singing in the show biz. He is so talented, polite and hardworking. As Director Chan said, please be a person. I wonder why ppl keep on attacking XZ …which is really ridiculous. Well, for people whose minds are clear, please be fair to XZ. Don’t ruin the career of such a wonderful actor and singer. Yes, please …please be a person. For those big companies, please open your eyes and know that XZ is really a treasure, a jewel, you will not regret to use him again.

  11. Someone please tap my hero on the back and remind him of how well he is doing… of how outstanding his arts flies. Of how I got interested in Chinese entertainment cus of him. Raise that intelligent head up high and stay strong. You’ve got my forever unwavering support Zhanie dearest 💪👏🔥❤

  12. That award is such ridiculous trash; Xiao Zhan is an amazing actor and deserves to be recognized as such. It’s so sad that others feel the need to put others down just to make themselves feel better.

  13. I don’t know why people are hating xiao zhan without any reason .he is talented person.he don’t deserve that much hate. He is hard working and I support him

  14. Seriously, this broom awards can only be created by TRASHY people! Most disappointing actor and movie BUT remain atop mainland box office??? Do your logical deduction morons! Either those majority who voted for the movie dominance are retarded or you guys, the minority are rubbish and ought to be swept and discarded with the broom you created!

    1. Xiao Zhan is the most amazing actor I’ve ever see along with Yibo. How can you treat Xiao Zhan like that? He doesn’t deserve this he DESERVES way more BETTER than this, and about the award? That’s the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever seen. Xiao Zhan acting skills is so amazing, he’s the most talented man. To Xiao Zhan be strong we’re here for you, you’re the most precious person to us we love you keep on fighting.

      1. His fans ruined him. And stupid people in China thinks it’s his fault that he, a single man, couldn’t control a crowd of people who claimed to be fans but could also be fans of other people. It’s Chinese’s usual BS. Poor guy.

  15. I won’t be watching “THE UNTAMED” for almost 15 times if this series is not Good. I won’t waste my time watching the 50 Eps if this is a trash movie. Believe me, this guy is just using Xiao Zhan to get notice by his fans.

    I think better not notice him, or search for him since good or bad publicity still credited for this him. Just ignore him for being so dumb.

  16. Poor zhanzhan… Cheng Qingsong just made a whole lot of fans mad, from meiqi and zhan’s side. XD He started a war that he is going to lose

  17. I loved Xiao Zhan’s acting in the untamed! I can’t they have those kind of awards anyways! How rude! Zhan is a hard working amd very handsome actor!

  18. Very simple, that guy is stupid and wants to become famous. He knew mentioning Zhao Zhan name will be a big hit. He just want money so he picked Zhao Zhan.

    1. I loved the untamed series and I watched it twice.. I am a senior high school student and I have a lot of pressure believe me if it was bad I wouldn’t have watched more than first episode… And I don’t understand why China gives this types of awards to actors it’s really rude. Xiao Zhan is my favorite in the whole untamed crew… He is very polite , kind hearted and down to the earth… I guess this is the only reason he gets suppressed by people..

  19. Got to say my piece… this reeks of someone hanging on another’s fame to get noticed… doesn’t matter whether the director is getting negative or positive press, everyone is still talking about him, including the millions of Xiao Zhan’s fans.
    I think the director has a lot of unresolved issues being a member of the entertainment industry.
    I don’t know him or his works (and I am not doing a search on him for his points to get a positive mark) doubt whether any of his movies were a big a hit as The Untamed or Jade Dynasty for that matter. Jade Dynasty garnered the most earnings as compared to the other movies showing along with it. The Untamed has a worldwide fan base with a current 10 Billion views.
    I really hope XZ’s fans don’t create a ruckus and report him to anyone. We all know how that previously ended!
    Best thing to do is to brush off these types of criticism because nothing can be learned from this through XZ’s eyes as an actor.
    Fans:- don’t mention the name of the award , the name of the director or any of his movies in your comments:- reason being these will all show up in any searches associated with XZ … we don’t want that!

    1. This is my first time to admired a Chinese actor, Xiao ZHan is amazing, he acted naturally in the film Untamed. Keep it up

  20. Maybe that Director deserved his award and should retire since he has no eye for quality work.

    1. This guy has issues. Saying he has nothing against Xiao Zhan and he wasn’t the worst actor but he decided on him to teach him a lesson, yet he has been hating on Xiao Zhan since The Untamed. Fact is Xiao Zhan has been living in his and his fellow antis heads rent free and he wished he and his projects recieved as much love as Xiao Zhan. As for the ao3 incident that people had placed blame on Xiao Zhan and his fans, there has been evidence on twitter showing that the CCP had plans to black ao3 and just did it a few days earlier than plan.

      The fact that Xiao Zhan is a rookie idol who is talented and will only get better at his craft has the haters bothered; unlike many in that industry he has an actual degree and skills outside of the entertainment industry to fall back on and that has many entertainment folks and many antis presses as they don’t possess even a third of Xiao Zhan’s talent and have nothing much going for them should they for any reason be ousted from their current positions.

      May Xiao Zhan continue to stay humble and prosper in the entertainment industry while his haters continue to fade away like the negative beings they are.

  21. seriously think that golden broom award sh*t did that to xiao Zhan to get attention, after all non of even knew something sh*tty like that existed if it wasn’t for our talented xiao Zhan, such low play by them, so glad the director stood by him and spoke up for him.. we should start boycotting such cheap shows.. they are not worth it… Pathetic people…trying to ruin people’s life to gain attention.. love you xiao Zhan, you good keep going.

    1. They just made some false sh*tty accusations towards Xiao Zhan to justify their action of giving him that sh*tty award. Xiao Zhan’s acting skill, all the praise words aren’t even enough to describe how marvelous it is. He really doesn’t deserve any of the sh*tty words that sh*t mouth said. Xiao Zhan is one of the dedicated, hard working and topmost actors I have ever seen in my whole life. Someone else had mentioned the big fight scene here in a comment. That scene really describes his acting skill. He cries and laughs at the same time at that scene. And that was just mind blowing. You can feel every single bit of pain in that scene. I really hate it when people say bad things about someone without knowing them. Their words can hurt others deeply. I feel like crying out of anger that Xiao Zhan had to see this. He doesn’t deserve this sh*t.

  22. Xiao Zhan is a superb actor as evidenced by one particular scene which in Untamed which showed his deep understanding of his character. The scene is where he is on the roof being confronted by his friends and brother and other leaders as being thos evil mastermind. As he is being accused of crimes he didnt commit he begins laughing while tears fall down his face and the utter disappointment and despair conveyed in this moment is so powerful and complex. Xiao Zhan converted that emotion so well that you can watch just that scene and understand what the character is feeling. THAT is extraordinary acting ability. It blew me away it was so powerful and at that moment I knew I was looking at an extraordinary actor. So, this petty and mean spirited award is just the same as this scene. They are faced with an amazing actor but due to jealousy and envy (political pressure as well) they are dumping on him. Shame. Shame!

    1. Wow…that director is just a sh*tbag. I’m not even gonna waste my time to search for any of his work. I am so glad the untamed director spoke up. I’ve seen all the BTS of the untamed and his playful personality is so endearing. I hope things will look up for him because he truly deserves it.

      Xiao Zhan is one of the best Chinese actors and I have watched a looooot of Chinese dramas. I was so amazed with his acting in the Untamed. From playing someone playful to someone filled with sadness. His crying scenes feel very real and authentic. I’ve seen a lot of dramas where it’s so cringe worthy when the actor is “crying”.

      Xiao Zhan is the best and I hope to see more of his work in the near future. I am sending him positive energy and hopefully he won’t take these negative comments to heart. Internet is such a dangerous place – too many keyboard warriors saying things without a thought

  23. i just in love and respect Zhan-ge in everything he did.. either acting, singing, designing, and much more..
    just love him so much..
    “most dissapointing actor”..?!
    like, seriously..?!?!
    you guys are the most dissapointing one that entertainment industry ever had..
    just, please start awaken from your fantasy..
    stop harrasing others or the innocents.. begging ya..

  24. A sign of a great person – being humble, keep improving his skills, and helping the unfortunates. He has it ALL……AND WE LOVE HIM….:-) 🙂 🙂

  25. You are a great person and a great actor and singer . We all love you and support you all over the world.

  26. Well…founder whatever your name is. You’re ignorant for even holding a ceremony and including such an degrading category. Go back to entry level and learn some respect.

    1. Totally agree with Anonymous.probably these people have some underlying unresolved psychological issues when they were young to be constantly berating and criticizing the millennials !
      Young people are the future with lots of potentials and possibilities ,they need to be encouraged and praise when they were willing to put in long hours ,hard work and doing their best ,not constantly being put down .The old coots will eventually be history,antique,retired or maybe senile .
      As for Sean,you would not be recognized all over the world if your acting is poor .The British has a saying,”take criticism with a grain of salt and let it ride over your head”.
      Nobody has it all, Everyone has their own opinions and perceptions ,you win some and you loose some .You cannot please everyone,no matter how hard you try .Some people are set in their ways,some has poor ineffective coping skills when they did not get what they want, and will always try to harm others and themselves to make themselves feels better .
      Happiness is a choice,if you choose to mop and be glum,you will be,but if you wish to be happy and determined to enjoy what life has to offer,then you can have that as well.Life is a mix of good and bad . Focus and enjoy the good despite the bad ,otherwise life will beat you down and you end up like those unhappy old Coots who enjoy putting the young down .
      Why people give out awards,if the purpose is to diminish a person`s pride in winning it ,unless their goal is to produced enfeebled adults .In this case,it is not valid and can be argued that the award is a reflection of the founder`s and critics feeling and opinions rather then the actors/actresses performance .
      So chin up Sean , smile ,don`t sweat or waste your energy over it .

  27. What????most disappointed actor huh??Xiao Zhan is the best actor among all Da actor in China whoever said that xiao acting is poor he needs to go to mental hospital or may be go for eyes check up

  28. Who is this dumbo award founder? Put him to mental asylum. Sorry for you jealous soul. Have little conscience ok. I pity your life.

  29. 那些错怪,没有适当理由而批评您的人都应该看到真正的您,也表示他们没有了解您本人。(也有可能是嫉妒) 可是您是我如今已来觉得最用功,最值得表扬的演员和歌手。作为演员,您尽力地把工作做好。我知道演员们常常需要到三更半夜才能休息,做一名演员也不简单,所以进入娱乐圈是一件要多次思考的事件。但是您却没放弃,继续坚持,也同时追着您多年对音乐的梦想。您自信地从新回到了舞台,用真诚的感情把歌唱好,用优美的歌声打动了许多观众的心。虽然现在您得熬过这艰难的一关,但是还有很多在您背后为您加油打气,支持您的人和粉丝。不要被这些恶意的评论而感到灰心,肖战加油!!!

    1. Very much happy with all the works of Xiao Zhan and hope to see him soon with new projects.

    2. This is just Cheng Quinsong’s continued bullying of Xiao Zhan. What does his useless opinion matter over millions around the world. This blatant attack just verifies his inability to act like an adult and has a pension for pettiness. He’s mad about the success of The Untamed and wanted his favorite to get the role of Wei Ying. Shaming someone out of spite makes the shame a horrible human being. This is not constructive criticism. It’s bullying beyond its definition. What a horrible little troll!

      I have watched all of Xiao Zhan’s work available to me and he has done a decent to excellent job on his projects. I have seen bad acting or what I consider to be bad. Each person’s opinion makes them a critic. No one person criticism outweighs another person’s. Everything is based off individual perceptions and desires. So, Petty Paul can take a seat in the corner and face the wall. He is officially in timeout!

  30. They jealous because unthamed become more popular series not only in china but in southeast Asia.

    1. Yo the untamed is popular all over the world. In one interview the interviewer said that the untamed had over 4 billion views, and that was last year

      1. 1 year after the first air date, The Untamed has 20 Billion Views….
        Wonder if “grumpy gramps” directed any movie that has that many views or break out stars….🤔😑

    2. Here in the US too. His acting is incredible and I was blown away particularly by the scene on the roof where he is crying while laughing and you could feel his despair and utter disappointment in those hwho knew him and believed he was this evil person. To be able to convey that complex emotion in one scene is extraordinary and shows how good an actor he is. This criticism of him is petty and just backstabbing meanness.

  31. Xiao zhan u must prove them wrong for accusing u the word “worst” ur a good actor already dnt mind them its their opinion .. all u have to do is enjoy what u doin ryt now …just always be urself this kind of another challenge u have to face ryt now,, keep humble…& we still believe in you

  32. Are this people going to leave Our Xiao Zhan alone, how can you said that he can’t act have you watch the untamed thank you to director Chan ka lam for your words and Xiao Zhan you are the best don’t let this put you down. Your fans love you and we will keep supporting you 💙💙💙

  33. This guy obviously wants to seem unique and special by saying that he “does not buy hot searches”. It’s not unique to hate on Xiao Zhan. I have not seen Jade Dynasty so his performance could have been unsatisfactory and that’s okay, but saying he has no acting skills when he has WWX under in his belt is just absurd.

  34. Zhan is really a good actor, singer, designer…. when you don’t know a person properly plz stop speaking rubbish based on your assumptions…. it’s quite obvious that the untamed director knows him more… so plz all haters don’t take out your frustration on xiao zhan… be human

  35. The founder of that award must be blind who can’t recognise the talent and hardwork of others. I mean is he dumb and stupid? Like the whole world knows how professional Xiao Zhan is ( leave out those haters, we don’t need their opinion). And if he doesn’t like those people who buy hot searches then why is he showing his jealousy over Xiao Zhan’s fame? Anyways awards like this won’t change our opinion on Xiao Zhan’s acting , we will always support Xiao Zhan and his projects.

  36. i LOVE Xiao Zhan’s acting!!! It really show in the untamed and i am proud of him for excellently portraying wei ying. And i enjoy watching him in the Jade Dynasty

    1. Zhan Zhan feel so sorry for u, such a good & popular actor was framed cos of jealousy. 2019 & 2020 u had won 25 out of 44 Awards, why do they present the Awards if u are not worthy..Zhan Zhan u are the Best!!! Those haters are hyprocrite when u are down they rub salt, have confidence to yourself. Keep on fighting!!! You’ll succeed soon. Take good care of yourself. Love, care & support u ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

    1. I just cried wen i heard this news about him.
      U know there will always be haters and jealous people. N this happens wen a person is extremely good, successful and hard working n having great influence to the people.. Xiao Zhan having this much haters just means he is loved by many, tat his is all that i had mentioned above.. He is wat made international fans like us know about chinese culture n its people. He is a great example n a great actor. He cant be brought down by mere haters who have nothing better to do at home.
      We love Xiao Zhan n he needs to know tat. XIAO ZHAN IS WHAT DRIVES ME TO LIVE

      1. We happened to watched “The Untamed” and I got hooked by the genuine acting of the lead character.. and instantly I became a solid fan. He is very talented guy and for sure is a great guy with a kind heart. Hope people will see the good side of Xiao Zhan…. don’t destroy his uprising career. To Xiao Zhan be strong not only for yourself but to all the fans all over the world who love and appreciate you.

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