Xiao Zhan Writes Open Letter to Himself for 29th Birthday

Xiao Zhan Writes Letter to Himself for 29th Birthday

It was a tough 2020 for Xiao Zhan (肖战) with everything that transpired from the pandemic to the AO3 scandal. However, Xiao Zhan has been busy in recent months. While it hasn’t been officially announced, Xiao Zhan is currently filming a new series where he had to shave his hair, hence the buzz cut. Xiao Zhan recently celebrated his 4th year debut anniversary and also the one year anniversary of the establishment of his studio.

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On October 5th, it was Xiao Zhan’s 29th birthday and Xiao Zhan and his studio posted to celebrate the day. At midnight October 5, the studio posted this picture and wrote: “Working day and night at events and stages, what was recorded were all the steps you ran; Repeatedly reading the script, is your enthusiasm plunging into the role; Satisfaction and achievements were treasured in the past, bravery and challenges will be included in the future.

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What has never changed is your sincerity. You are still Xiao Zhan, listening to the wind, waiting for the wind, walking into the wind, like pine trees and cypresses, they grow tall and straight, frank and open.

29 years old, at ease like the wind, love fearlessly. Hope you continue to be safe and well, joyful and happy. Walk forward by all means, we will accompany you together to vigorously pursue [your] passion.”

Later that day, the studio uploaded a new set of pictures celebrating Xiao Zhan’s birthday at exactly 10:05 am.

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Xiao Zhan also addressed his birthday post to himself. He wrote:

“To 29: Zhan, hope in the coming year, you are still able to live happily and freely and always being able to watch the sun. Maintain fervor in everything you do, persist on! Get rid of the worries, cherish the moment. Thank you dad and mom for the 24 hour safe haven. Must work even harder so they can depend on me.

Giving this to the 29 year old me and also you guys. Wishing we can all become the best version of ourselves! Peace and joy, run to the wind~”

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Xiao Zhan also received birthday wishes from “The Untamed” director, Chan Ka Lam (陳家霖), and co-star, Xuan Lu (宣璐), and actress, Bambi Zhu (祝绪丹).

Chan Ka Lam’s birthday wish: “Zhan Zhan, happy birthday, hope you can always do the things you like and always be happy @X玖少年团肖战DAYTOY.”

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Xuan Lu wrote: “Happy Birthday~ Living for tomorrow, living for anticipation, why not live for today and feel at ease~ Each day unfolds like the first day~”

Bambi Zhu wrote: “Zhan Zhan, happy birthday. You will definitely get better and better.”

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  1. Wayment! #Pause Awarded worst actor? #HowSway? Make it make sense! U know what? 🤦🏾‍♀️
    *Sigh* Happy birthday Xiao Zhan.. I look forward to seeing more of u hun!

  2. Xiao Zhan, The Untamed was one of my intros to Asian dramas and I have not looked back. Thank you. I look forward to seeing you in any future work you do. Ignore the nasties, they are a sad and endless bunch. Fighting!!!

  3. you forgot to include YuBin (co-star)! He also wished 肖战 happy birthday hehe. In addition, the person who dubs SpongeBob (in Chinese) also dedicated a birthday post for 肖战。

  4. Sean Xiao 肖战,happy belated birthday🎂! Love you and hope to see more of your new projects.

  5. XIao Zhan belated Super Happy Happy Birthday. Your eyes and smiles are the most beautiful and attractive. May your life everyday is filled with blessings of good health, love and strength. Your outstanding and fabulous personality inspire us to love you more. Both you and Yibo attracted many fans all around the world. We all love both of you so please both of you must be safe, stay healthy and take good care of each other and your loved ones. Both of you must continue to be cheerful and happy forever. Both of you , talented, young , handsome , attractive and adorable. We fans love both of you forever.

  6. I am really happy for that you came in my life happy birthday to you we all fans of you we know that You have been wronged, you have done nothing, you have been involved in a false case, but don’t worry, because we have always been by your side and we are and will be. Love you so much

  7. Happy Blessed Birthday Xiao Zhan! In Life, just like there will always be those who love, trust and support us, there will be those that sow the seeds of discontent and doubt. We need to filter the dirt out and surround ourselves with positive people. Though it is easier said than done, ignore the taunts of total strangers. Believe in yourself and your loved ones. Take every setback as a lesson and rise above the negativity around you. You truly come across as a talented and beautiful human being and your parents must be so proud of you. Eat well, Sleep well, Live well and know that you have a lot of supporters who wish only the best for you!

  8. Belated but wish a Happy happy birthday Zhan 哥哥 .我爱你 Both you and Wang yibo gives me very courage and inspiration to face difficulties. I want to meet you and Wang yibo this is my dream . Again, Happy Birthday 🎁 .I love untamed,I love you and Wang yibo .

  9. Happy Birthday to an unbelievable brilliant person.. A fabulous singer, a wonderful actor and a precious soul as well…..
    Just be yourself, ignore the nasties all will be yours..
    Best wishes from the UK…

  10. Happy birthday, zhan ge ge more ages to come, may the good Lord strengthen you, give you wisdom knowledge understanding, grace love affection blessing favour long life, prosperity and more especially PEACE. Happy birthday once again Xiaozhan

  11. Xiao Zha: You are a gift amongst this world. You are the best actor I have witnessed in my 50+ years on this beautiful earth. Your personality and smile are mesmerizing and I truly wish you all the greatest the world has to give. There will always be ugliness and hatred in this world, but know that you are a kind and beautiful sole, and the good people of this world will always stand by your side. I am so happy you have your mom and dad as a safe place, as you are very blessed. As parents, we are here to protect our children and others in need. Please remember that your skills in everything I have seen you do is immeasurable and to the highest level of perfection. You are a true inspiration and true artist. Never stop believing and loving yourself. You are valued in this world, never forget that. Enjoy this birthday and all left to come. Keep your head held high. With love and admiration, Pamela.

  12. Happy birthday 🎂🎂🎉 Zhan ge
    May you continue to shine in every walk of your life ❤️❤️

    1. Happy birthday Xiao Zhan make your day special and have a wonderful day and be safe we love you so much

  13. Best birthday wishes!! I will always stand with you. Love your song and can’t wait for more. Love from USA!!!

  14. Happy birthday Xiao Zhan. Congrats on your single #1 best streaming in the world at 43.6 millions right now.

  15. Happy birthday xiao Zhan, i hope you always health,happy and succes, i Will always waiting your acting, Miss you

  16. Happy Birthday to most attractive actor for me..may you have all happiness, health and success 🎉🎉🎉

  17. Xiao Zhan 🌟 is a God given gift that continuously and consistently leads people to be better human beings. His positive energies, humility, kindness and passion make this world a better place. Wishing Xiao Zhan a very memorable happy birthday. May he be blessed with great health, peace, joy and genuine love every day ❤️. Thank you for making so many people smile and feel with you 🙏🙏🙏

    1. Christine Yong said it well!

      Dearest XiaoZhan,
      You are one of the better actors in the world these days and you keep growing. Your eyes and your smile are precious, and You (of course) are beautiful, (but outer beauty fades), but please know that:
      We love your outstanding and sweet personality, your soul…it comes through in your work, so please don’t be disheartened. You are a model of how humans should be. Please don’t let yourself become depressed or negative because of “silly” people who don’t know how to appreciate you, instead:pray for thier souls. You have sooo many fans outside of China that DO love your soul and spirit, your personality, and life/work/craft/art… Be ever-forgiving but protect your gentle soul and be kind to yourself and take good care of yourself. You have so many strong supporters around the world who wish you were part of our family. May God bless you every day🕊️. Everything Will get better. Keep lifting up your inner-self and the outer self will follow.(sending warm hugs to melt away loneliness and despair)…
      ALWAYS remember:
      that You are Loved and valued highly, (even when you may not feel like it) !!!!!
      and, Happy birthday!!🌸!!

      Post-script :
      Please foreward this to XiaoZhan (and translate into Chinese). Thank you.

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