Wang Yibo Says He’s Not an “Impressive Dancer” in Farewell Post to “Street Dance of China 3”

Wang Yibo Says He's Not an Impressive Dancer in Farewell Post to Street Dance of China 3

The “Street Dance of China 3” (这!就是街舞3) finale took place on October, which lasted for a little over 8 hours. The show was quite controversial with many netizens saying it was rigged when they didn’t spin the bottle in the final 4 to 2 battle. Many netizens also criticized the show runners for playing Wang Yibo’s (王一博) song, “No Sense”/ “No Feelings”, during Bouboo (布布) and Keven Yang Kai’s (杨凯) elimination battle, who are both on his team.

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Wang Yibo was full of emotions at both of his teammates facing each other, but he was also full of excitement when Keven Yang was announced as the winner of “Street Dance of China 3”. At the closing speech, Wang Yibo said, “I’m really touched. Kai-ge has been persisting so long as a b-boy. I love street dance culture too much. I hope street dance will keep getting better and better in the future. China Street Dance is awesome!!!”.

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In the early morning hours of the following day, Wang Yibo posted a lengthy farewell tribute to “Street Dance of China 3” and his two final dancers, Bouboo and Keven Yang Kai. He wrote: “I am not an impressive dancer. Fourth place in the leaders’ major performances, but Yibo Wang Zha Boom! is truly very impressive. I use my most excited heart to be proud of them and pay respects to them.” Wang Yibo tags the 12 members on his team.

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He then tags Bouboo and says, “Thank you for coming to China. Thank you for saying it’s easy to me because I want to win. I’m very happy you fell in love with China’s dancers. Thank you for all you have invested into passing on street dance!”

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Next, he says to Keven Yang Kai, “Thank you for making me feel fulfilled. Congratulations to you for becoming this season’s champion!!! Not tired at 30! An idol for a generation of dancers! Too boom!!!”

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Wang Yibo continues on with, “But I still want to say…When it first started, I really, really wanted to win. In my world, anything that deals with winning or losing and rules, no matter if it’s big or small, if you participate, you should respect the rules of the game. I also want to win, but this is what street dance has changed in me. Everyone is hustling together for street dance, allowing everyone to see street dance, like street dance. It is so much more meaningful than winning or losing! I am proud of every staff member behind or in front of the scenes who were a part of this!!! Each time people, who passionately love street dance, dance together, it should be our carnival!!! Lastly, using the words Han-ge said to me yesterday to end this journey: Treat people sincerely, learn with humility, do everything with care. To be a person, you must be generous, to get things done, you must go to the depths.”

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Many fans also enjoyed the relationship between Wang Yibo and Bouboo that developed from Wang Yibo idolizing Bouboo to friendship. Bouboo also posted a thank you tribute to Wang Yibo the next day: “@UNIQ-王一博 Thank you for everything is was a great experience my first Tv show in china and im happy to share these moments with you  i really try my best to get champion for you but i didn’t lose everything because i find a new friend ❤️ BOOM 💥 ​​”

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  1. Yibo is a humble guy . So are the rest of the judges.. I am not fans of Bboy dance.
    I love the scrip from the professional dancer . Especially the ” Korean ” teacher very elegance. .
    The Blue lee dance too

  2. Yibo your smiles is so encouraging, cute too. Your can dance so well, explosive and awesome. You have so many supporters all around the world, very proud of you as your fans, we all love you and XIao Zhan forever. Yibo be safe, especially riding motorcycle, stay healthy and take good care of yourself and loved ones. Stay cheerful, our handsomea and adorable guy.

  3. Not an impressive dancer? WHAT? The man has “it” whatever that is, but it means you cannot tear your eyes away. The other three do very well of course, but Wang Yibo is magnetic!

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