Wang Yibo Goes into Fanboy Mode Upon Receiving Gifts from His Idol, Valentino Rossi

Wang Yibo Goes "Ah!" Upon Receiving Gifts from Idol, Valentino Rossi

Wang Yibo (王一博) just celebrated his 23rd birthday on August 5. While it has been 10 days already, he still received gifts. On August 14, Wang Yibo expressed absolute excitement when he received a belated birthday present from his idol, Valentino Rossi. Wang Yibo posted three pictures, which included a signed motorcycle helmet and two pictures autographed by Valentino Rossi wishing Wang Yibo a happy birthday. His caption with the pictures were just a bunch of “Ahs!”.

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Wang Yibo’s admiration for Rossi started back in 2017. His first post dedicated to Rossi started on June 4, 2017. His post read, “Missing one picture to make six pictures, then I’ll just make it up with one of Rossi’s helmet from his press conference yesterday. Today is the Mugello Circuit in Italy, Rossi’s home court race!!! From yesterday’s ranking, he got the second spot. Home court, jiayou!!! I am on the plane, probably can’t see the live stream…”

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On June 25, 2017, Wang Yibo congratulated Rossi for winning the first race of the season in Holland. He also said, “The car hasn’t even arrived, I already have three of your (formal) helmets. The far right helmet is the same one.”

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On September 24, 2017, Wang Yibo said, “Rossi was really awesome yesterday. His fractured leg hasn’t even healed yet, he already placed third in the qualifying competition. I also want to ride the bike…(Please call me Ma Kui Bo!)”.

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On March 19, 2018, Wang Yibo praised Rossi, saying, “Rossi is still an OG!”.

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On June 2, 2018, Wang Yibo said, “Ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah!! 39 year old Rossi got the pole position at the Mugello Circuit, in Italy, his home turf! Also broke a new track record!!! Too excited!!!! Ah ah ah ah ah ah ah! The new helmet from the home competition looks so good!!!! ONE PICK!!!”

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On Valentine’s Day 2019, Wang Yibo said, “Forcibly spending Valentine’s Day with my idol! You guys spending the holiday must also be happy ~~~. In the comments, good friend, Yin Zheng, comments, “Didi, please have some shame”. Wang Yibo responded, “Gege, this is having face.” with a photoshopped pic of him and Rossi.

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On April Fool’s 2019, Wang Yibo said, “#MOTOGP! Rossi!!!! Not going to say much!!! Niubi (Awesome)!!!”

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On July 26, 2020, Wang Yibo said, “Congratulations to Rossi once again for getting on the winner’s podium!!!! 40 years old already and still competing with people 20 years younger than him!!! Niubi (Awesome)!!!”

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Wang Yibo competed professionally since getting his motorcycle license. He is signed to the YAMAHA Man Lee Tat racing team. In August 2019, he competed in the Zhuhai circuit of the ARRC and placed first in the rookie division and got third place in the mixed competition.

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Wang Yibo forgot to post on Valentino Rossi’s birthday this year:

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