Joe Chen Has Trouble Holding a Conversation with Wang Yibo

Joe Chen Had Trouble Holding a Conversation with Wang Yibo

Wang Yibo (王一博) worked with Joe Chen (陳喬恩) in the 2017 series, “Love Actually” (人间至味是清欢). He was the second male lead who liked Joe Chen’s character, but he didn’t get the girl in the series. They also have an 18 year age gap. The two reunited again when Joe Chen guested on Wang Yibo’s skateboarding variety show, “One More Try” (极限青春). Due to Joe Chen’s outgoing personality, she gets along very well with her co-stars. However, Joe Chen was a guest on the 6th episode of “Go Fridge 6” (拜托了冰箱6) and she revealed her struggles holding a conversation with Wang Yibo.

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Joe Chen Had Trouble Holding a Conversation with Wang Yibo

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Joe Chen talked about setting up gatherings with the cast and crew she has worked with in the past. She explained that after filming is done, there really is no chance to meet up again. So she invited the cast from her latest series, “Hello, My Shining Love”, to her home for a hotpot meal. Host, He Jiong, asked her if she would invite someone like Wang Yibo for a meal. Joe Chen explained, “I wouldn’t, but if we saw each other on a show, we would chat a bit more.”

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When asked about the last time she saw Wang Yibo, she mentioned it was the skateboarding show, “One More Try”. Joe Chen then says this about Wang Yibo: “Yibo is a relatively shy boy. He doesn’t speak much. It’s very rare for me to not be able to hold a conversation. He really doesn’t speak much. However, when seeing each other again, there is that familiar feeling again.”

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Wei Daxun then said, “He might not have much to say to girls, but with guys, he has quite a lot to say.” Joe Chen said, “He kept talking about his motorcycle.” Wei Daxun said, “He’s playing games.” Joe Chen also revealed that she couldn’t accept being paired with a younger male actor as a CP because she’s afraid there would be negative news written about it. She also said she was afraid of looking like the actor’s mother when standing next to him.

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  1. Ahh….. it’s simple – just the age-gap, gen difference that’s all. How does one hold a conversation btwn a young male adult and a matured female adult bridging the gap on subject of interest? Normally, the latter would have to come down to the level of the former to bridge the gen-conversation gap. That’s challenging for the latter trying to portray as if one is so so mama or daddy-cool! Otherwise, there’d be awkward pockets and pauses of total silencio!!! Better keep arm’s length with just a crisp, breezy, “Hi, how you doing? Is your motorbike in good shape?”

  2. Well with girls he could be that way lol but with his band members he’s a little chatter box lol

  3. No sweety its just that your not xiiao zhan or one of his band members whom he is close freinds with 😂😂😂😂

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