Wang Yibo Reveals the Good and the Bad about His Current Popularity

On the May 17th episode of “Day Day Up” (天天向上), it was Wang Yibo’s (王一博) long awaited return to the team and the show. The “Day Day Up” xiongdis (older brother-younger brothers), all greeted Wang Yibo with open arms and they all took turns saying mushing things to each other.

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After some joking around, the group sit around and have some heart to heart conversations. Wang Han (汪涵) asks whether Wang Yibo likes his current self. Wang Yibo gave this response: “Perhaps I won’t place likeness on myself. I’ve never thought about what type of individual I am. I’ve observed myself and I’ve never thought about it. More so, I do the things I like.”

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Wang Han then says at Wang Yibo’s current age, he does a lot of outdoorsy things because there are a lot of outdoor activities that can excite and attract him. Because he’s so busy, it would be hard for him to quietly sit down and think about who he is. When Wang Han said, “Right now, you should be pretty satisfied with your current state. Even if you haven’t considered it, but you should be considerably satisfied with your current state.”

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Wang Han talking about Wang Yibo’s current situation

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Wang Yibo candidly says, “There is good and bad.” Wang Han then explains that when he chats with Wang Yibo sometimes, Wang Yibo can’t understand his current situation. Da Zhang Wei (大张伟) then says that Wang Yibo is living the life coveted by many artists. He then asks him what it’s like living that life.

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Da Zhang Wei asking what his current life is like

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Wang Yibo explains, “There is good and bad. Even though there are more people, I’m still me and I’m still doing the same thing.” Da Zhang Wei asks him if he feels he has more disturbances compared to before. Wang Yibo says, “There are definitely more. I can’t even step foot outside.”

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Wang Yibo saying he can’t step foot outside the door anymore.

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Oscar Qian (钱枫) also added that Wang Yibo is a person who wouldn’t bring trouble to others. He says, “He basically wouldn’t tell others or express how difficult it is for him.”

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Oscar Qian saying how Wang Yibo doesn’t share his hardships with others.

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  1. I totally agree with you guys, just let him be, I also idolize him in such a young age he accomplished so much. For all his fans out there please dont forget that he also is human that can do mistakes and wants to do things regular people loves/likes to do. I mean how can he enjoy his age if we will bombard him everytime he step outside. He is so popular, that means he is super busy. And I guess what I really want to say is just let him take some break. Anyways, he is not a robot. He also has a body, heart and soul like us.

  2. As a fangirl, can we just support him and stop being obsessive! No offense but I do believed that you’re not helping! Let him do what he wants freely though being popular can’t avoid some disturbances of his fans, but please! limit your actions! Thank you😊💕

  3. what is the trouble with people leave these two people alone they are happy now you want to beleive the doctor up you are watching if you look close you will see it is fake fake . i feel sorry for the people who insist doing this kind of thing come out come out who ever u are let us fans who still love them see all of you sorry bunch of people . yea for Xiao Zhan and Yibo stay brave don’t let them win you have a dream follow it come to america we will welcome u

  4. nothing wrong with the love they have for each other it radiates off the screen you can tell the love they shear is real leave them alone get as life of your own stop stepping on others

  5. Wang yibo is sweet and nice anybody that tries to harm him will get it hot from me.

  6. These fans are absolutely awful he is a human being there behaviour is worse than a pack of wolves

  7. Wang Yibo is a tough artist and I really admire the way he project himself. I hope to those obsessive fans to please stop making troubles to your idols its not even worth it.

  8. Yibo waiting you and rabbit come out together again… missed your smiles both🦁🐰

    1. Fans seriously needs to respect and take their idols feeling for consideration.

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