Yuehua Entertainment Condemns Sasaeng Fans for Installing Tracking Device to Follow Wang Yibo

Yuehua Entertainment Issues Statement Condemning Saesaeng Fans for Installing Tracking Device to Follow Wang Yibo

The Chinese idolatry and fandom culture get scarier as the entertainment industry keeps on developing. Wang Yibo’s management company, Yuehua Entertainment, issued a statement on May 2 condemning the acts of sasaeng fans using a tracking device to follow Wang Yibo (王一博).

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Yuehua Entertainment’s notice stated that they had recently discovered some sasaeng fans had installed a tracking device in a car that was driving Wang Yibo for work purposes. They expressed this behavior severely infringes on their artists’ privacy. They also urged fans not to chase the cars driving celebrities, following an artist’s flight schedule, and not to gather at airports, hotels, filming locations, and other public venues. Yuehua also denounced the illegal sale of non-public itineraries and leaking pictures taken at filming locations.

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Lastly, the statement said Wang Yibo had recently wrapped up filming for “Legend of Fei” and is already heavily invested in his tight work schedule. Yuehua Entertainment once again urged fans to rationally chase after celebrities and to be cautious of safety.

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This wouldn’t be the first time Wang Yibo experienced crazy fanatics before. Last year, his phone number was sold by scalpers and he started getting hundreds of calls, forcing him to change his number.

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  1. This is disguisting they should be arrested like you can idolize someone but to sink that low these people need to get consequences for their actions and pooe yibo i feel so bad for every idol who has to suffer from these brain dead “fans”

  2. А я не фанатка и никогда ею не буду! Я считаю, что это глупость. Я люблю лишь тех, кто рядом и всем так советую 💋❤️🌺

  3. These celebrities chasers are committing a crime. Those violate laws should be arrested. I hope you got caught.

  4. Poor Wang Yibo. I’m a fan but I’m also quite content with enjoying him from afar…. literally countries away xD I feel like it adds to the mystery xD lol but these fans be wilding. If the agency wanted to they could press charges… so chill yall xD

  5. JEEZ!! Get a grip Chinese fans! Your embarrassing yourselves! Admire from afar is good enough if you love someone you know you can’t have. Reality.

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