“Youth With You 2020” Trainee, Sharon Wang, Wants to Perform with Jony J

"Youth With You 2020" Trainee, Sharon Wang, Wants to Perform with Jony J

Malaysian media outlet, XUAN.com, continues doing interviews with the “Youth With You 2020” (青春有你2) trainees. They recently came out with the “Youth With You 2020 Interview Series”. The first interviewee is Taiwanese trainee from TPG, Sharon Wang (王承渲). She has been slowly rising in the ranks and even made it to #5 one week. Before joining the show, she already had a reputation for being a “little devil” when it comes to dancing.

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Question 1: Were you homesick during the competition?
Sharon Wang: In the beginning of the first month, I was full of confidence and thought I wouldn’t be homesick! Before I came here, I even told my mom, “Don’t miss me too much!” I feel like coming here I must focus on competing. Thinking about home and all that should be thought about when I return home. When it came to the second month, I realized I started missing my mother’s cooking, started to miss my cat at home. Seeing her letters, I will still cry.

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Question 2: What was the most unforgettable memory since joining the show?
Sharon Wang: Because everyone met each other while recording, I thought every jiejie was so pretty. Everyone was dressed so beautifully. However, when we all entered the dorms for the first time, I saw everyone’s bare face, at that time I thought…everyone still gave the feeling of being a little girl! No matter how glamorous we are on stage, we are still the most original version of ourselves.

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Question 3: What was your biggest challenge in this competition?
Sharon Wang: I think the biggest challenge is…facing myself! Facing my own weaknesses and where I am lacking. When someone tells you where you’re doing bad and you have to listen carefully, you have to be able to think about it from their position. I must change that weakness. I think it can also be considered getting to know myself even better.

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Question 4: When you’re facing the camera on stage, do you tend to be more scared or excited? Why?
Sharon Wang: Every time I’m on stage, if I am performing, I am actually not that nervous facing the camera. It’s excitement and then expectations. I would look forward to see what the end product would look like, so when I am performing, I would tend to be more excited.

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Question 5: What was the most memorable thing on stage?
Sharon Wang: The first time being watched by so many people in the audience off stage and then hearing screams or whatever, I feel very happy. (You’ve never had similar experiences before?) There were, but there weren’t that many people. It’s a very weird feeling because off stage are the fans, there is a feeling of pressure. But that type of pressure would make people very happy.

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Question 6: What area do you prepare the most before the public performance?
Sharon Wang: The most preparation work in an area is…combining singing and dancing together. Because just dancing or just singing only is not that difficult to me, but when you combine the two together. You need to remember a bit more when you pair up dancing with the lyrics. The dance moves on the show are also pretty easy to remember.

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Question 7: Where do you think you improved the most?
Sharon Wang: I feel at the moment, the most improvement is being able to overcome stress. This is what I am most happy about recently. I finally learned how to relax. I’ve always been repressing my emotions. Whether it’s dancing, singing or writing lyrics, I’ve always made myself so tense. Even the people around me would also feel it.

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Question 8: During the course of the show, what would make you cry?
Sharon Wang: I would cry if someone didn’t recognize my ability or my performance. I would feel disappointed at myself and then cry.

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Question 9: Recording the elimination segment, would you cry for your teammates who are departing?
Sharon Wang: I would feel sad for my teammates who leave. I would feel very begrudged for them because they haven’t had a chance to show themselves, so I would feel it’s a pity.

Question 10: When preparing for “R&B All Night”, did you run into any bottlenecks writing the rap lyrics?
Sharon Wang: It’s more so I have high expectations of myself when writing lyrics. I also don’t wish for the things I present to disappoint others. So I wrote the lyrics, but I kept changing it constantly. I would become a little lost. (How did you overcome it?) I have to thank our group’s leader for this, which is Flora Dai-jiejie (戴燕妮). She taught me and Gia Ge-jiejie (葛鑫怡) how to listen to the music and then relax. Destress the pressure first, then go listen to the music carefully and then you will be able to convey the feelings.

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Question 11: When training for the public performance, which team members left the most memorable impression?
Sharon Wang: I feel each member of our team is very good, all are amazing! The most impressionable is me and Gia Ge-jiejie writing rap lyrics, but we were both stuck. The rest of our team quickly came to help us with ideas, gave us a few lyrics and helped us. At the time, I felt very warmed and moved.

Question 12: If you could perform with a mentor, who would you choose and why?
Sharon Wang: I would pick Jony J-laoshi. I want to learn more about writing lyrics from him and some of his thoughts. I think when he is teaching in class, his words are very honest and straight to the point. He wouldn’t go in circles with you. I think this is pretty good.

What Sharon Wang wants to say to Malaysian Youth Producers:

“Thank you all for your support and for liking me. I will continue to work hard. Please look forward to my upcoming performance and stage!”

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