Company and Fan Club Respond to Rumors of Inappropriate Comments “Youth With You 2020” Trainee, Yu Yan, Allegedly Made in the Past

Company and Fan Club Respond to Rumors of Inappropriate Comments "Youth With You 2020" Trainee, Yu Yan, Allegedly Made in the Past

iQiyi’s “Youth With You 2020” (青春有你2) probably has the most scandalous bunch of trainees to ever exist in the history of survival shows. It seems like each week there is new “dirt” dug up about a trainee. This week’s controversy revolves around Yu Yan (喻言), who emerged as a dark horse after the first public performance and has steadily rose up in ranks and is a clear favorite to debut in the top 9, especially after her “Ambush On All Sides 2” performance.

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Yu Yan’s persona has given some people the impression that she might be a baddie or a tough girl. The recent controversy stems from some comments Yu Yan allegedly made on social media when she was around 14-15 years old. Some of the comments contained vulgar obscenities, perverted references, and violent tendencies. A netizen claims she was able to use Yu Yan’s published phone number and found the social media account and QQ Music account seemingly belonging to Yu Yan.

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Her official fan club contacted her through the “Youth With You” staff workers to clarify the rumors. They confirmed with Yu Yan that the account the netizen says belong to her isn’t her account. Secondly, they confirmed with Yu Yan that she only has Weibo, Douyin, and Oasis right now. As for the other social media accounts, she no longer uses them and can’t find the passwords either.

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Yu Yan’s company, JoinHall Media, issued a statement in response to the rumors circulating online. They said:

“Today, we’ve been handling this matter and made everyone wait for a long time.

Please forgive us for not being able to verify the situation and expressing our views first. Even though it’s our own artist, we still hope to proceed with a basic investigation.

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Over two years ago, Yu Yan’s father brought her to us. We were told in advance that she had a strong personality, but when we saw each other, she timidly expressed she must work hard to make money for the company…we both laughed with our mouths wide open.

Like everyone guessed, many members of JiaHui came from the military. So we really treat them like soldiers when we train them. Acting, stance, following the rules. Despite her not being able to be simple and energetic like a real soldier, but we can see the changes from inside out. Sensible, matured, disciplined.

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So when she suggested to join the competition, we went to fight for it. A lot of the artist related work, we’ve always been prone to ask for help from her fan club that has always been with her, hoping this would be even better for her. We’ve also adopted a vertical approach in running the Weibo operations just because we’re afraid of making mistakes. Because we know if others do it, they won’t do it with care.

Her performance on the show indeed did show she brought pride to herself using all her efforts, but in a disciplined way.

There are a lot of things we have no way to explain one by one, but what we can say is that the Yu Yan everyone sees on the show is Yu Yan’s real life integrity right now. No pretending, no deliberating, just like how she is at the company normally is the same when you meet her on set.

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Perhaps one day, fans would encounter Yu Yan on the streets. I believe you guys would discover she is indeed not the person the online public opinion describes her to be.

No matter how the road in front of us is like, we will be strictly demanding and at the same time support her chasing her dreams.”

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Despite all this, some netizens noticed Yu Yan’s close up shots during the “HOME” performance with Cai Xukun and the other trainees for the May 5 “Believe in the Future” charity streaming concert were cut off. The zoom in shots started from Ma Shujun, who was standing next to Yu Yan.

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This shows all the angles and close up shots. Ma Shujun is in the second pic.

Credit: Weibo (1, 2, 3, 4)

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