Wang Yibo Vents Frustration at Sasaeng Fans

Wang Yibo Vents Frustration at Sasaeng Fans

An incident with some sasaeng fans might have triggered Wang Yibo to vent his frustrations. On May 9, Wang Yibo (王一博) lashed out at the behavior of some of his “fans”. It seems like these sasaeng fans didn’t get the memo last time when Yuehua Entertainment told them not to engage in behavior invading their artists’ privacy, like installing tracking devices, just a week ago on May 2.

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Wang Yibo wrote, “I am very exhausted from work. I can’t even sleep for a bit in the car? My staff members are already standing in front of your cars. You still dare drive towards them? For a very long time, a stranger would knock on my hotel door in the middle of the night. Installing tracking devices on the car. Everywhere I go, there are countless people following…I give up! I really can’t take this anymore!”

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While Yuehua Entertainment didn’t issue a statement this time, UNIQ’s official Weibo account responded to Wang Yibo’s post: “Regarding this time’s malicious behavior, we’ve already called the police to handle the matter. You will be held legally responsible according to the law! We have no tolerance for those who violate people’s personal safety and privacy!”

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Some netizens claimed the door knocking happened during Qingming Festival, which is when people pay respect to their ancestors. Wang Yibo has also said in the past that he is afraid of the dark and sleeps with the TV and lights on, so you can imagine how creepy this was when he heard knocking on his door.

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Last year’s interview recounting how he sleeps with the lights and TV on.

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9 thoughts on “Wang Yibo Vents Frustration at Sasaeng Fans

  1. Aren’t they a bit too possessive? An idol is meant to be the source of comfort. Or considered as a role-model. Can those people really call themselves his fans while they are tiring his patience? They really need psychiatric help and get their priorities straight. They should consider the suffering they are causing to themselves and those around them.

  2. Oh my god. I literally have no words that can express the anger and fear I have for these fans and Yibo—or any celebrity for that matter. Just because they have a lot of popularity, a beautiful face, or a lot of influence, doesn’t give ANYone the right to interfere in their personal space or try to stalk their personal lives. They are still humans; they are no different from you other than the fact that more people know them. It’s sickening to me that people are like this. Though, it’s not surprising. Humans are seriously the worst. THE WORST. Why—HOW can people think this is okay? I just can’t fathom it. Common sense is lacking. Common RESPECT is lacking. To any fans who act like this: You. F*cking. Suck. Please find something better to do with your time. No one likes having a 100,000 people breathing down their neck let alone one. Please don’t be like this. It’s not healthy for you, definitely not healthy for the celebrities, and certainly not healthy for the community. Stop. It’s even worse that he has legit fears that concern these acts. I’m fuming. I even used a word like FATHOM. Please find your right mind. You’ve obviously never had it.

  3. It’s the consequence of fame, sadly. But safety of artists is quite important to do their job well. Only then we can get lots of good things from them. Sigh. I cannot believe how these fans have the time, energy and money to go around following him. Although as an international fan, getting glimpses of him from fans’ updates is welcome. Hopefully, it’s not a propaganda or strategy to cause him intentional harm. He’s much too young to get a breakdown. 🙁

  4. Someone need to kill these sasaeng by gun until die cut their body like mutilation, this is not human behaviour anymore over acting cross the line artist.

  5. This is just a speculation but I think someone is behind those behavior to drag down Wang Yibo. His career is on its peak and the behavior that was displayed by this so called “Sasaeng” fans is beyond imagination. I hope his manager and company would further investigate this matter because it would affect Wang Yibo’s physical, social, emotional and mental state. This matter needs an urgency, as fan of Yibo, I can’t imagine the possible consequences.

  6. These fans are overstepping boundaries, give yibo a break specially now he’s having hectic work schedule

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