Jackson Yee Saw Bits of Himself in “Xiao Bei” from “Better Days”

Jackson Yee Saw Bits of Himself in "Xiao Bei" from "Better Days"

Jackson Yee’s (易烊千玺) first theatrical performance in the movie, “Better Days” (少年的你), earned him the Best Newcomer award at the 39th Hong Kong Film Awards. Aside from his award, the movie nabbed 7 other accolades, including Zhou Dongyu’s Best Actress award. On May 8, Jackson Yee’s interview with CCTV program, “One On One”, reveals his thoughts about his character, “Xiao Bei” (小北), and being an actor.

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In the movie, “Better Days”, Jackson Yee plays “Xiao Bei”, a troubled youth who spends his days fighting on the streets since he was young. When the interviewer asks him if there is any part of himself in “Xiao Bei”, Jackson Yee admits that he sees bits of himself in the character. He reveals there were a lot of moments in the film which were his natural reactions without him even realizing it. He says those moments were not deliberately acted out. Jackson Yee also reveals, “Xiao Bei” has an area which I’ve always yearned for. He is able to fully arm himself to fight against this world, but his heart has always been very kind, very pure.”

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The interviewer had also asked him why he cried the time the screenwriter of the movie had said this to him at a promotional event for the movie: “You are an actor, not an idol.” Jackson Yee admitted, “I felt it was a really big validation. When the director suddenly patted me, at the moment, that feeling of being comforted, from a physiological perspective, I suddenly couldn’t stop the crying.”

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  1. Jackson Yee is so talented,humble and I just can’t believe how well he’s growing up,from a little kid into a really handsome guy with super sexy voice. “My Boo” song is terrific😊

  2. Better Days is awesome, I can’t believe Jackson is already a grown up now, he’s a real actor now and a wonderful singer too.

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