Lee Kwang-soo Wants to Portray Jackson Yee’s “Xiao Bei” from “Better Days”

Lee Kwang-soo Wants to Portray Jackson Yee's Xiao Bei from Better Days Weibo 09.18.20

TFBOYS member, Jackson Yee, had a major acting breakthrough in the film, “Better Days”. The movie earned much critical praise and won many accolades at film festivals. The film had premiered in Korea in July and also earned much praise from celebs and netizens alike.

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Korean celebrity, Lee Kwang-soo, was recently asked in an interview if there was any role he wanted to portray from the movies he has watched. He responded, “Not long ago, I watched the movie, “Better Days”. That movie’s male lead, his name seems to be Yi Yang Qianxi, should be that one. The way he was filmed is very handsome. It’s a character all males want to try, is it not?”

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Aside from Lee Kwang-soo, Korean singer, IU, had also seen the film. A netizen had previously asked her, “Eonni, please recommend a movie.” She responded to his netizen, “Better Days!”.

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Korean actress, Park Ha-seon had also praised Zhou Dongyu and Jackson Yee’s acting from “Better Days”.

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