Mike Angelo Sues Ex-Girlfriend, Sarah Casinghini, for Not Letting Him See Their Son, Maxwell

Mike Angelo Sues Ex-Girlfriend, Sarah Casinghini, for Not Letting Him See Their Son, Maxwell

Thai celebrity, Mike Angelo, shocked the entertainment industry when he announced he was a father to his baby boy, Maxwell, in 2014. Mike Angelo had Maxwell with his ex-girlfriend, Sarah Casinghini, who is an Italian-Thai model. At the time, Mike Angelo was around 24-25 years old and at the height of his career. As the couple had already split up, they have been co-parenting while Sarah Casinghini retained sole legal custody of Maxwell. However, Mike Angelo recently took Sarah Casinghini to court for not letting him see their son.

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On September 15, Mike Angelo posted a picture of him and Maxwell and a lengthy post about how he has been deprived of seeing his son. He explained if he turned out not to be the biological father of Maxwell, he would still try to help out Sarah Casinghini within his means. Since he was proven to be his father, Mike Angelo claims he has done everything he agreed to do, including paying for all kinds of expenses, which he says has totaled to 10 million baht.

Mike Angelo Withdraws Petition to Get Joint Custody of Son, Maxwell

Mike Angelo Reaches Custody Agreement with Sarah Casinghini Over Son, Maxwell

Because he hasn’t been able to see his son, Mike Angelo decided to take Sarah Casinghini to court. He is applying to become Maxwell’s legal father on his birth certificate. Mike Angelo explained he has always wanted to do this, but Sarah Casinghini kept telling him to hold off on the process as she wanted to wait for Maxwell to grow up and decide whether he was suitable to be his legal father. He also states he wouldn’t have taken this step had he not been able to see his son. Mike Angelo expressed he misses Maxwell very much and that aside from work, he spends the remainder of his time with him. Lastly, Mike Angelo said he doesn’t just want to be an ATM father and needs to accompany Maxwell every step of the way as he grows up.

On September 17, Mike Angelo went on TV talking about the custody battle with Sarah Casinghini. Mike Angelo has been developing his career in China in recent years. Due to the pandemic, Mike Angelo claims he practically has no income. He is using his savings to pay for Maxwell and his mother’s expenses. In addition, Mike Angelo said in order to save money, he tries to control his spending to around 15,000 baht a month and doesn’t eat out. He still needs to pay for child support, Sarah Casinghini’s expenses, Maxwell’s tuition, a nanny, and a driver, which amount to over 100,000 baht a month. He spends around 1.7 million baht each year on child support and his mother’s expenses, but he still doesn’t get to see his son.

Mike Angelo in tears after going on TV to talk about the custody battle

In order to become Maxwell’s legal father, Mike Angelo is taking Sarah Casinghini to court to get joint legal custody of their son. Sarah Casinghini proposed 6 demands Mike Angelo must fulfill in order for her to let him be the legal father.

  1. Pay for all of Maxwell’s tuition at a top international school until completion of PhD degree.
  2. Pay for a driver and a nanny until our child can take care of himself.
  3. Increase Maxwell’s monthly allowance from 30,000 to 50,000 baht a month until our child can earn money himself.
  4. Buy an apartment or house in Bangkok for Maxwell.
  5. Mike cannot bring our child to attend work functions to earn money for his own profit.
  6. If Mike brings our child to attend a work function, he won’t be able to see our son until he understands his mistake.

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15 thoughts on “Mike Angelo Sues Ex-Girlfriend, Sarah Casinghini, for Not Letting Him See Their Son, Maxwell

  1. Mike should demand a paternity test to confirm He is the father. Too many women lie and try to extort money and fame from rich from men. WHY did she not readily list him as the father on Maxwell’s birth certificate?? That makes her completely “manipulative and not trustworthy” at all. She’s clearly using Maxwell as a pawn; no loving mother would prevent their son from spending time with their father, especially a father who loves and wants to be in his son’s life!!! She’s a greedy gold-digger!!!!

    1. It appears that since she has had another child with a 20 year old, she is using her children as a means of support. I think Mike is a man who is honorable and decent…he is doing his best to be in his child’s life and has contributed a lot to his maintenance. I have a great deal of respect for him and wish him many blessings.

  2. I have no idea what so ever is going on, but when I read the article I was appalled by what this woman is doing. How dare her to think that she has the right to tell a father of her child that he has got to prove to her that he is deserving to be a father. It more sounds like she doesn’t deserve to be these children’s mother. There is a word that describes a woman who sleeps around. I hope that Michael gets to see his child, he deserves that much. Besides why in hell is Mike supporting her? He need to cut that because she is greedy and sounds very unstable. She is what I call a woman with no morals. Hope you win custody and put this woman out of your life. You can do much better. Good luck

    1. Exactly I mean seriously what does she thinks she is, just because the poor guy is trying his best to be there for his son that does not mean she can take advantage of that and start threatening him. She is just a greedy woman and wants to take away all of his money, I mean what can of mother do that to his own son, she is not hurting mike, she is hurting her own son, I guess she doesn’t even love her own biological son. Any way I hope mike you will find a better woman who who will love you for who u are. They always says that you can live without a father but you can’t live without a mom, that’s not exactly true, but I hope mike you know we are all here for:) I hope you wins custody

  3. Exactly , She’s greedy & disgraceful for some point 🙄🤧 she’s missing the part that people keep questioning Mike about , if it’s really his real son ? Mike answer , that doesn’t matter to me because I’m the father no matter what , He’s been there when Max born 🥺 He hold him in his arms , cuddle him , visit him and the mother everyday nonstop 😴😞. so whatever people says or think , he don’t mind atleast they’ve known how much he loves and care for his one and only son ❤️💯✊🏼 From my perspective , she mentioned Mike been making mistake like what ? We don’t see any mistakes by Mike here , everything here is because of herself 🙄🤧🤧 She’s so immature and wanted to play hard to get . Stupid greedy 🙅🏻🤧 I’m Glad Mike did the right thing ❤️❤️ . Also , I wonder when is she gonna leave the new bf aswell since she had a second baby now with that new bf 🤷🏼 Or maybe he’s not the father of the new born too 🤷🏼 Hopefully that’s the real father of her daughter . She’s been judging Mike but look at her nowadays 🤨🙅🏻🤣🤣🤣 What a big loser and greedy human being .!! Wanted to play cards with using Mike as an ATM like tf’ . Mike you’re so smart and don’t worry , ik everything with you and your son will go pretty much well ❤️ Prayers and supports for you and Max 🥰💯🤞🏼💍

  4. What kind of a mother is she so greedy that also in the name of her own child isn’t she herself is a model actor
    Can’t she use her income for her own child
    She just wants everything from Mike as if he is an ATM and even she doesn’t let him meet her own son
    Hey Fans of Mike please pray for him!

  5. Omg! She is just “milking” Mike. What a greedy woman. How can a child expenses amount to 50,000 baht a month?
    Is she intending to let Mike support her second child (fathered by another man) as well?
    Or support her entire family???
    Mike is doing it right by opening an account for Maxwell instead of giving the funds to his greedy mother.
    I hope Mike will find someone who deserves him and start his own family.

    1. I think Mike sir loved her so much that place Mike sir can’t give to anyone else . By seeing all the YouTube videos of sir n his wife together the way Mike sir was with her that happiness on sir face . It’s a true love that sir did for her .. I think she must see the love of sir for her . Rather no one knows the real story . But plzz guys don’t say anything bad or wrg Abt her coz a lover can’t see anyone saying anything to his love .

  6. Holy crib….what kind of woman is she???….she is indirectly asking mike for more money in the name of her own son maxwell..Why do waste time over this woman who has no sense at all accept for money?!???……Greedy woman ..she doesn’t deserve a guy like mike at all

  7. Why waste time on woman who has no sense at all accept for money…. She is indirectly asking mike for more money In the name of maxwell….Greedy woman

  8. Mike should leave this greedy monster girl immediately otherwise this girl gonna ruin Mike’s life….. Mike is very good person….

  9. Whatever happens, a father always stands with his son. In today’s time when life has become small, the whole world is living only for life and love, in such a situation it is very painful to take away a good father from his son. Love is precious and should be appreciated as a human being. Do not hurt anyone so much that you cannot forgive yourself tomorrow. stay healthy and safe

  10. Some corrections on Sarah’s demands:
    1. Just want to add that she claimed to have used her own money to pay for the tuition for the new school in Phuket and she asked Mike to “pay her back”.
    3. Actually, she asked him to increase Maxwell’s monthly expenses; from the usual 30,000 baht to 50,000 baht.
    4. She asked him to BUY a house or apartment in Bangkok for Maxwell.

    P.S. They already did a dna test 6 years ago. So, Maxwell is really his kid.
    Mike has been silently suffering a lot (from the criticisms) during these 6 years. I hope everything is going well for him from now on…

  11. Holy Crap, what type of woman is this?! Its not worth it Mike, Leave! Maybe he isn’t even the dad so she’s making all these excuses to keep him around to pay for everything. Poor guy, he’s definitely getting used.

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