Mike Angelo Reaches Custody Agreement with Sarah Casinghini Over Son, Maxwell

Mike Angelo Reaches Custody Agreement with Sarah Casinghini over Son, Maxwell

After a tense and public custody battle over his son, Maxwell, Thai actor, Mike Angelo, revealed on March 4 that he finally reached a custody agreement with ex-girlfriend, Sarah Casinghini. Since last September, Mike Angelo revealed Maxwell’s mother, Sarah Casinghini, blocked him from seeing their son. Mike Angelo took Sarah Casinghini to court to get joint custody of Maxwell and to be legally recognized as his father. After several rounds of mediation, both parties reached a custody agreement on March 4.

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Mike Angelo spoke to the media on March 4 after the custody agreement with Sarah Casinghini was finalized. He also posted on Instagram confirming he is now legally listed as Maxwell’s father, saying, “I became my son’s legal father today. Thankful to everyone who supported and encouraged us father and son.”

Mike Angelo Withdraws Petition to Get Joint Custody of Son, Maxwell

The terms of the agreement are as follows:

  1. Mike Angelo is certified as Maxwell’s legal father. Sarah Casinghini will keep sole custody of Maxwell.
  2. Maxwell will continue studying at his current school in Phuket. The tuition will be split in half between Sarah Casinghini and Mike Angelo from grades 1-6. Mike will directly pay the school instead of Sarah Casinghini’s father. They requested to pay her father directly on the grounds that they would get a discount as they have two relatives who also study there. However, Mike Angelo checked with the school and they said no matter who pays, the discount won’t be affected. Mike Angelo will be responsible in handling Maxwell’s schooling and tuition expenses starting from grade 7 to college.
  3. Mike Angelo will be responsible for Maxwell’s health insurance, life insurance, and will set up a savings fund for when he enters college.
  4. Sarah Casinghini will be solely responsible for Maxwell’s everyday expenses.
  5. Mike Angelo requested to see Maxwell at least three times a month, but it was negotiated down to twice a month. The amount of days he can see Maxwell per visit was not stipulated, but he must give Sarah Casinghini 5 days notice prior to the visit or else she has the right to deny his request.

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11 thoughts on “Mike Angelo Reaches Custody Agreement with Sarah Casinghini Over Son, Maxwell

  1. Unless your child was being abused by his father there is no justifiable reason or excuse to prevent your child from maintaining a healthy and loving relationship with him. The applies if the father has custody. A child is not a bone for two dogs to fight over nor is he a bargaining chip between two parents who for some reason went from being a coving couple and family to two strangers with hate in their heart and a desire in one to hurt the other. When you try to keep a child from knowing and loving his other parent you are hurting that other parent yes but the one you’re the most is your child. I can say this because I’ve been divorced twice and have children involved. While I was justified in seeking an end to both those marriages I kept the kids out of it. They were hurting enough already because of the family home being split up… the last thing I wanted was for them to hurt more by preventing them to see their dad so while I requested sole custody for the stability of the children I readily agreed that they could see him or visit with him as often as they wanted. I also remained on civil terms with those two exes for their sake. Once the dust settled I was even able to become friends with them recognizing that despite the fact that our union didn’t last we still had many beautiful and created wonderful children who have grown up to be very loving and successful. If I had it to do over again I’d still do it the same way because I am a very forgiving person.

  2. She is a B* who is after Rich men money. Shes a WICKED , GREED AND SHOW -OFF. I hope she will NOT use her nasty FRIENDS TO HURT MIKE EVER AGAIN.


  3. Happy that a father that’s been fighting for the right to see his son has finally got the chance. It is so wrong for a mother to keep a child away from a father. Mothers think about the child and not your personal emotion. You look like you move on a long time ago you have a another child with someone else. Why do you think that person would be a better father than the biological father. Lady you need to do some long self reflecting.

  4. What a disgraceful woman 🙄. She should appreciate of what Mike been going thru when she was in the hospital for God sake🥺🥺 she knows how people questioning Mike if it his real son and Mike answer it doesn’t matter but his love for Maxwell is purely because he was there when Max born so nothing will change that🥰 Max is so lucky to have a father like Mike ❤️❤️ All roots for you Mike and your Son 💯✊🏼 . for the ex-girlfriend , I wonder when you’re gonna leave that new boyfriend too since you have a new born now lmfao🤣🤧🤧

    1. Agreed. I really don’t like that B** there are worse fathers out in the World and Mike has done EVERYTHING for his son in the past. She’s just…. who does she think she is?? I would NEVER support such a mother’s endeavors, clothing line or ANYTHING… She’s vile. Ugh.

  5. Are we judging too harshly. We don’t know the whole story. We aren’t bts we only know what they want us to know.

  6. What a awful woman she is. Once Max is of age and finds out all this I hope he has such a close bond with his Dad that will never be broken Amen

  7. I feel so sorry for Mike Angelo before this happened. Maxwell barley gets to see his own father!?!? I wish this wasn’t this way but I mean he’s the legal father and he gets to see his son twice a month….That’s good!

    1. He got the worst deal. Like seriously if he is paying for half the tuition now to 6 grade and full amount from 7th into college, health insurance, college fund and life insurance. She needs to let him see him 3 times monthlike he requested it’s not too much if it was me be 5 times a month. Hopefully the money goes directly to the schools, insurance company and the college fund only given to him with his name on a card so she can’t take the money out herself. She doesn’t deserve a penny of his money. When Maxwell gets older he will realize who better parent is when realizes she only pays living expenses not his actual schooling. Hopefully she doesn’t have the @

      1. One of my sons had three children with his wife and I believed they were very happy together. Unfortunately their marriage failed and she behaved a lot like this mother of Mike’s child… demanding large child support but blocking him from seeing them. He has and continues to pay a lot of money to her and he’s also responsible for all school fees, medical and dental expenses, etc. The ex started treatment for a medical issue and therapy that are being paid by his health benefits because she can claim 100% as long as they are married so she refuses to sign the divorce papers… for the past 9 years already. It took several years for him to be successful in his legal fight for the right to see his children more often. The oldest one is now over 18 so the mom can’t interfere with her choice to see more of her dad but their other daughter is still a minor at 17 and their son is just 11. There’s a saying that ‘hell hath no fury like a woman scorned’… it’s too that some women can’t see that that ‘fury’ and their petty acts against their ex hurts the their children more than anyone else.

        1. what a Cow she is. If she refused to Divorce, he should refused to give her a cent. If she stop him from seeing his kids, he move out and meet his kids somewhere secret via the middle person without her knowing. Easy isn’t it. Stop paying the GOLD DIGGER who never stop, her Brain need to be insert a new battery as it isn’t working! Hire a Lawyer!

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