Huang Zitao Questions Why He Can’t Sing His New Song, “She and You”

Huang Zitao Questions Why He Can't Sing His New Song, "She and You"

Huang Zitao (黄子韬) released his new EP on February 26, which contains two tracks, “She and You” (她和你) and “Ending”. He performed “She and You” at the “2020 Weibo Night” awards ceremony on February 28. After the performance, Huang Zitao received a lot of praise and compliments. It was also one of the highest viewed performances on TV among 90’s and 00’s viewers.

However, on March 9, Huang Zitao posted on Weibo saying, “This song’s lyrics don’t contain any sensitive areas…why am I not allowed to sing it……..I have a headache and a toothache.”

It turns out the song failed to pass the censorship review for a program, preventing Huang Zitao from performing it again. He left a comment on his post, saying, “I didn’t write any overly exaggerated lyrics either. Why couldn’t it pass the review? I want to cry. I just want to sing this song.” with a bunch of crying emojis.

Here are the lyrics of the video with ENG subtitles:

Credit: Weibo (1, 2, 3)

3 thoughts on “Huang Zitao Questions Why He Can’t Sing His New Song, “She and You”

  1. I dont see censorship in the song. There is nothing worng about it though there is a message that the girl wants him. There’s no wrong about it. We are already living in the liberated world why giving issues about the lyrics?

    1. are you for real bro?😭😂😂 it says “she wanna go deep” not “he” .. theirs literally no double meaning to it

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