Mike Angelo’s Son, Maxwell, Asks “Daddy Really Loves Me?” while Streaming with His Mother

Mike Angelo's Son, Maxwell, Asks "Daddy Really Loves Me?" while Streaming with His Mother

Thai actor, Mike Angelo, has been in the news lately due to his custody battle for his 6 year old son, Maxwell, with his ex-girlfriend, Sarah Casinghini. Mike Angelo claims Sarah Casinghini withheld Maxwell from seeing him, which prompted him to take Sarah Casinghini to court and apply for joint legal custody. He got emotional and teared when he went on television to talk about how he can’t see his son, but still pays for all the child support and expenses each month. Mike Angelo also said he has no income now due to the pandemic. He relies on his savings and limits his spending to 15,000 baht a month in order to make ends meet and pay for all the expenses.

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On September 20, Sarah Casinghini did an Instagram Live with Maxwell. There were some comments saying, “Daddy loves you” or “Daddy misses you”. Sarah Casinghini then tells Maxwell there is someone saying daddy loves him very much. Maxwell then asks, “Really? Are you lying? Then why did he kick me out of the apartment? Then why did he take away everything?” Sarah Casinghini is seen telling Maxwell, “Child, you cannot say things like that.”

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The video went viral and made headlines in Thai and Chinese entertainment news. Mike’s older brother, Golf Pichaya, also reposted the video and said, “What did you instill in my nephew? My nephew is such a poor kid. He has to live in such a bad environment.” Many netizens also expressed outrage and felt Maxwell was being coached to say these things and is being fed with these ideas by his mother.

Golf Pichaya and Maxwell

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  1. The mother shouldn’t instill or encourage wrong ideas in the child. On the contrary, both parents should show a unified front and unconditional love for the happiness of the child, to give him strong foundations, emotional security to grow up well. Please don’t use him as a pawn.

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