Mike Angelo Withdraws Petition to Get Joint Custody of Son, Maxwell

Mike Angelo Withdraws Petition to Get Joint Custody of Son, Maxwell

Thai entertainer, Mike Angelo, has been involved in a public custody battle for his 6 year old son, Maxwell, with his ex-girlfriend, Sarah Casinghini. Mike Angelo took Sarah Casinghini to court last month to petition for joint custody of Maxwell and to be listed as his legal father, citing that she wouldn’t let him see their son. He also went on TV and called out Sarah Casinghini for the multiple demands she gave him to fulfill before she could let him be listed as Maxwell’s legal father.

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There wasn’t much traction on the case until October 6 when Sarah Casinghini went on TV revealing she had given birth to her second child, a daughter. It’s reported the baby’s father is a 19 year old Russian model and no longer together with Sarah Casinghini.

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On the same day, Mike Angelo suddenly announced on Instagram that he decided to withdraw his previous petition to the court to get joint custody of Maxwell.

Mike Angelo wrote, “I decided to withdraw my petition to the court to get joint custody today. My original intentions for proceeding with this was because I didn’t want to just become a father who only knew how to give money. I wanted to have the right to jointly decide every aspect of my child’s life. The most important thing is I want to see my child normally, but I never thought such a thing would even be deprived of me. It also implicated innocent people, especially my child. I feel really sorry for my child for having to face something like this. This was obviously a matter between adults. This shouldn’t affect my child.


Because Max’s mother and her family didn’t ask for my opinion, they just decided on a school by themselves. From this moment on, I will no longer interfere with them and also will respect their decisions. From today onwards, I will create a personal bank account for Max. I will deposit money into his personal bank account and then I will give him the bank card when he becomes an adult one day. I want to let every hard earned penny of the money I made to be spent on my son.


Now that it has come this far, I hope everything will end here. If my child sees these news when he grows up, he will definitely be very hurt.

I hope Max will understand the decision I made today when he grows up. Daddy didn’t give up on him and will never give up on you. Even though we might not be able to see each other from now today going forward, but I still want you to know…there will always be a place for Max here!”

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  1. You are such a nice and caring father,that woman is just using you for her own selfish motives. God will help you win this case.

  2. my goodness. well, a decision that i hope he steadfast on. glad that he no longer needed to cater to someone’s else selfish demand, which include her other child.

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