Kimmy Low Returns to Malaysia and Boyfriend After TVB Contract Ended

Kimmy Low Returns to Malaysia and Boyfriend After TVB Contract Ended

Malaysian beauty queen, Kimmy Low (劉芷希), has been with TVB since winning a local jewelry beauty pageant in 2017. Since signing with the company, she has been mostly relegated to minor roles or playing characters showing a lot of skin. As it turns out, her contract with TVB had ended this past March. Instead of re-signing with TVB, Kimmy Low returned to her hometown, Kuala Lumpur, to take over her father’s wholesale Chinese medicine business. In addition to that, she plans to settle down with her pilot boyfriend of 3 years.

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Kimmy Low with her boyfriend and her parents

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Kimmy Low won first runner up at the 2012 Miss Chinese Cosmos Pageant (中華小姐環球大賽). In 2017, she won first place at the 2017 Miss Jewelry Hong Kong pageant (香港珠寶小姐). She decided to stay in Hong Kong and develop her career. She signed a 3 year contract with TVB. Her most memorable role to date was a nightclub worker in “Of Greed And Ants” (黃金有罪). In the currently airing “The Exorcist’s 2nd Meter” (降魔的2.0), she portrays the AV actress mesmerized by Kenneth Ma’s character.

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On not re-signing with TVB, Kimmy Low responded, “My parents are already in old age. Because of the outbreak, my family and I are separated in different parts of the world. My contract ended in March. My mom really wanted me to return home to be with them. My dad is also old. He is in the wholesale Chinese medicine business. He wants me to help manage the business. After completing these things, I will act again because I love my acting career too much. This is only a temporary departure!”

Kimmy Low also referred to Hong Kong as her second home. She hopes to accomplish her life plan before returning to the film and TV industry. When asked if she was worried that her relationship with her partner would be tested. She responded, “We started a long distance relationship around 3-4 years ago when I was in Hong Kong. We’ve had some problems with a long distance relationship before. That’s why coming back this time, I need to settle the family problems first. My parents like him a lot. Maybe they’re afraid I won’t be able to get married if I wait any longer, so they want me to get married quickly and have children.”

When asked if her boyfriend mind her sexy performances, she responded, “He is a pilot and a Malaysian like me, but grew up overseas. He is also three years younger than me. His personality is like a foreigner’s. We have mutual trust in each other. He won’t complain or stop me from doing anything.”

  Kimmy Low Returns to Malaysia and Boyfriend After TVB Contract Ended

Credit:, Kimmy Low IG