Xiao Zhan Voices His Stance on Fans Rallying to Support Him

Xiao Zhan Voices His Stance on Fans Rallying to Support Him

When Xiao Zhan (肖战) did an interview with the Economic View on May 6, he addressed his relationship with his fans and talked about their efforts doing charity in his name. He said this empowered him and he hoped to use the same strength to influence others to do more charitable work. Just four days after this interview, Xiao Zhan kept true to his words and was doing a live stream to support and raise money for a charity that goes towards reviving Hubei province, where Wuhan is located, the epicenter of the first COVID-19 outbreak in China.

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Since that interview came out and the charity stream was revealed, the general response has been positive. It seems the live stream was a surprise as many people were surprised to see Xiao Zhan featured on the broadcast. As Xiao Zhan mentioned in the Economic View interview, he hopes his fans live well, first and foremost. On May 10, there were reportedly a few videos circulating of teachers, who are fans of Xiao Zhan, rallying their students to show support for him.

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In one of the videos, the elementary school students are heard saying, “Xiao Zhan-gege, you are really great. We like you a lot, charge forward!” In another video, the students are heard reciting a Chinese idiom that was replaced with Xiao Zhan’s name. There was also a video from last year showing a teacher asking her students, “Xiao Zhan is who to me?” The students loudly respond, “boyfriend!”.

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There were a lot of heated discussions on this matter as expected. Xiao Zhan had just started his journey in gaining back confidence from the general public and something like this pops up. He immediately addressed the incident on Weibo that night saying:

Xiao Zhan’s Studio Issues Apology and Takes Blame for Not Guiding His Fans Well

“Please carefully listen to what I say again. I hope everyone puts their education, work, and life ahead of chasing celebrities. Study hard, work seriously. Do your best to fulfill your responsibilities and obligations, and abide by professional standards and each industry’s bottom line. I don’t need fans rallying support.”

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Xiao Zhan’s studio also echoed Xiao Zhan’s sentiments and left the same comments on a post expressing children are the future and shouldn’t be treated as a “tool” to chase after celebrities. According to Sina Entertainment, one of the teachers involved has been suspended of her duties. The education bureau and the principal of that school also spoke with the teacher. She has already admitted her wrong-doing and wrote a letter reflecting on her mistakes.

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  1. He’s not at fault in any way so I’m humbled by the apology he made. In my opinion, he’s simply a convenient scapegoat to many due to his fame. Looking forward to seeing Xiao Zhan back to the entertainment scene again.

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