What Happened to Xiao Zhan’s Guest Appearance on “Youth Periplous 2”?

What Happened to Xiao Zhan's Appearance on "Youth Periplous 2"

It has been almost 4 months since the “227 Incident” and it seemed like things were starting to look up for Xiao Zhan (肖战). On May 22, it was reported Xiao Zhan flew to Sanya, China, to guest on variety show, “Youth Periplous 2” (青春环游记2). There were fan pictures of Xiao Zhan at the airport and even leaks of him seemingly filming for the show. A picture of Xiao Zhan with the cast of “Youth Periplous 2” was even circulating online. Fans have been anticipating his appearance on the show because it has been awhile since he has been on any show.

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The first episode featured Sanya, but Xiao Zhan was nowhere to be seen. So fans figured he would be on the second episode. When the second episode aired on June 13, the filming location had already shifted to Guilin. Xiao Zhan was not in any scenes either. There were speculations that Xiao Zhan’s scenes were cut out. In next week’s episode of “Youth Periplous 2”, the cast has already traveled to another city, Yangshuo County. It looks like any chances of Xiao Zhan’s appearance on the show are slim.

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It’s uncertain what caused Xiao Zhan’s scenes to be removed. On May 29, there was already a rumor saying Xiao Zhan wouldn’t appear on the show. The person claimed, “They probably won’t promote Xiao Zhan later on. He won’t be recording in the later weeks either. The show has already edited the first episode without Xiao Zhan as a backup. Let’s see what they air in the end. This show can’t withstand it as the TV station, the sponsors, and the artist are all under a lot of pressure.” There were also rumors that he was supposed to be a permanent member but then got relegated to being a guest and now his scenes are removed.

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Many have argued that Xiao Zhan was never officially announced as a guest, so fans shouldn’t be upset. Actor, Sha Yi, who was a guest on the first and second episodes, was formally announced prior to the first episode airing on June 6. There was one rumor claiming Xiao Zhan’s scenes would appear in an unaired special that would be released online at a later date.

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Fans were understandably upset and were bombarding ZJTV with complaints about them stringing Xiao Zhan along to draw interest for the show. What’s alarming is that there is actually a hashtag called “Boycott Xiao Zhan’s Variety Shows, Movies, and Television Works”, which has already been read over 450 million times.

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This is on top of the recent controversy where Xiao Zhan and his fans were accused of causing the Chinese app, LOFTER, being removed from app stores on June 6. Some netizens alleged Xiao Zhan’s fans flooded the LOFTER tags with adult and explicit content, which caused the app to be removed. There is no concrete evidence and it could very well be the doing of anti-fans. Xiao Zhan’s lawyer issued a statement on June 12 denying him and his team’s involvement in LOFTER’s current situation.

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  1. “I don’t care now innocent he is” by saying that, it shows you are among the anits for not being responsible for your own action. So you are saying knowing a person being innocent and you are standing among with the anits to point at the person with no wrong. Are you saying the being who are being creative and using Xiao Zhan’s name in the article and writing a story with adult contents are all correct? Being creative is one thing but using Xiao Zhan as an attention is another. So if someone use your name in the story for being a psycho is fine? Using your name in an inappropriate story, you are okay with? Are you saying all the so called creative writer did not save up a file? They never backed up their own works? Please think before you attack an innocent person therefore you should start asking yourself what kind of person you are yourself.

  2. He deserved it. His fans have crossed the lines. I have personally seen them spamming lofter tag, and it’s not funny. Chinese fandom already have limited spaces to publish their creative works, and those crazy fans are trying their hardest to shut them down. So long as they don’t stop being crazy, don’t expect the anti to stop boycotting him. I don’t care how innocent he is, just do your damn job to discipline them. Your crazy fans have gone overboard!

    1. I think it is really unfair for you to make that statement. Xiao Zhan does not deserve this treatment. He should not be held responsible for other people’s actions. Plus there is no proof that his fans caused the Lofter app to be removed.

    2. How do you expect a single person “discipline” a huge fanbase. It’s not like his duty is to tame them or have control over them, please don’t say that. Xiao Zhan didn’t even create this scandal himself, he deserves the best and I hope everyone can get over this.

    3. How we sure are from his Fans, from what I observed , lot of of his fans are matured working adults and with family, Some ppls just trying to make things worst for him and they are professional in it.

    4. It’s not his job to baby and counsel his fans, he’s not their mother. He didn’t do anything wrong, he shouldn’t apologize for something he didn’t do.

    5. Xz was not related to this so please stop your nonsense and mind your own business and don’t interfere with another persons life if you do not have any rights.

    6. Based on your own statement, i can say I’m your fan and post immature statements online and you will be at fault for my post. You are now responsible for what i am doing online now since i am your fan. Does that make sense to you? It shouldn’t because no one should be responsible for someone else action. If you want to blame anyone, you should blame the person who reported the site. Leave the actor out of this. He worked hard to get where he is at.

    7. But he literally can’t do anything. It’s not his fault, especially since he recently skyrocketed to fame. His fan base is possessive and not completely solid. If you believe he can do something to discipline them then please tell your solutions. Also this is my personal speculation but I honestly think someone is trying to destroy his career. It’snot unheard of in the industry.

    8. You’re just a paid hater. You always post the same thing. And what you said isn’t even true. No one has reported Lofter and AO3 is available in China without VPN. And lastly Xiao Zhan is innocent but YOU are trying to destroy his life. YOU are always telling him to kill himself. YOU are the ones who have to pay and apologize. You are liars and monsters.

    9. you don’t care how innocent he is? wtf. Innocence is the basis of whether one is at fault or not. In this scandal, it it obvious that Xiao Zhan was NOT the one at fault. Any other celebrity who are in the same circumstances are also innocent.
      1. let’s say I became your fan. I now post something very incriminating and insulting to others, because I believe that I am doing the right thing for your benefit. I posted it without you knowing. People didn’t blame me, they blamed YOU because you were the one I represented, even though you had no knowledge of it. People are demanding that you apologize for what I did. They are demanding that you disappear. Does that feel fair to you? I don’t think so.
      2. As far as I know, ao3 was already banned from China even before the scandal. You couldn’t access it without vpn.
      3. The scandal seemed to have gotten too big too fast, almost as if it was planned. Xiao Zhan’s rise to the top was a huge impact to the Chinese entertainment industry. When you are at the top, even if you aren’t doing anything wrong, people will still want you to go down. Knowing the c.ent industry, a lot of people would want Xiao Zhan to lose face and dragged down in mud.
      4. It is not a celebrity’s job to “control their fans”. Their job entails giving entertainment through their shows, sharing their talent, spreading HAPPINESS. It is the viewer’s choice whether to support them or not, and these talents can’t force someone to make decisions. The one at fault here are the close-minded people who can’t differentiate between reality & FICTION.
      5. I firmly believe that Xiao Zhan does not deserve the actions done to him, the boycott, the hate trend, the implication that he should control his fans. NO ONE CAN CONTROL OTHER PEOPLE COMPLETELY. NOT EVEN A PRESIDENT. AND YOU EXPECT THIS TO BE DONE BY A CELEBRITY?! HAVE SOME SHAME.
      you need to read facts before spouting nonsense and spreading more hate. you think that they are just harmless words? these words that you type can destroy a person’s life. THINK OF YOURSELF IN THEIR POSITION BEFORE JUDGING THEM.

    10. He deserves it?? Are you god or something to decide who deserves what?? Before spouting nonsense put yourself in their shoes and ask yourself whether whatever is going should really happen?? No matter how much hate you try to spread..one day the truth will be out….fear God at least before wishing bad for anyone

  3. If you are not going to show him in the first place, why invite him to the show?? Wtf?? Xiao Zhan deserves better treatment than this. If they ban him because of the scandal, then they are supporting haters/cyber bully. This need to be stop.

  4. Why the T.V. station and management so unfair. When you know very well that Xiao Zhan is the victim of that controversy. Why continue to blame him for what he is innocent of. He already suffer so much. Give him chance and stop making him to suffer. Try to put yourself in his situation, what will you feel? Your being accused of something you didn’t do, how will you react? Why don’t you stand for the truth. He is innocent, stop blaming him.

  5. What is alarming is the TV stations continuing to let anti fans having the power to abuse Xiao Zhan by not showing his tv shows and dramas. Everyone knows he had nothing to do with the 227 incident yet they continue to blame him. He cannot be responsible for every single action of the million fans he has. He is not God, he is only an actor/singer. If anyone is the be blamed, then blame the “creative artist” that is not so creative and used Xiao Zhan’s face for his/her p*rn stories. AO3 and Lofter should also periodically check for fanfics (p*rn pics) using real person. This is a violation of their human rights.

    1. This is a whole lot of wrong going on here sadly and it breaks my heart to see fingers be pointed at the wrong person. I wish they would stop listening to the wild “fans” and let him go thru his life peacefully.

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