Esther Yu Responds to Criticism about Her Slacking Off in THE9’s Debut Performance

THE9 made their debut performance on June 17 at the HunanTV 618 Concert. The group performed “YES! OK!” and “HUNT”. While “YES! OK!” was lip synched, the group performed “HUNT” live. Most of the reviews of their performances were positive. However, some netizens criticized Esther Yu (虞书欣) for slacking off during the “YES! OK!” performance when they noticed she didn’t kick as high as the other members.

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Esther Yu used her “xiaohao” (alt) account to address the criticism. She expressed: “Can’t we just be good? Can’t you be kinder as a person? Because of the dress, laoshi (teacher) specifically changed how high I kicked. Can’t others wearing pants want to kick higher? In our first debut stage, I can kick so high. Why would I want to half ass it? Also, I will take pictures with whomever I want. I can’t make friends, right? I’ll say it once more. I will work hard to do everything. I also hope everyone can be happy. I will do my job well. As for everything else, don’t meddle with me. I will listen to everyone’s suggestions, the irrational ones, I will not care about it. From now on, there will also be countless Weibo posts to explain unreasonable matters. The journey is long. Justice freely exists in the world. To the fans who finished reading this, if you guys love me, I also hope you can love everyone!”

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L: Esther Yu kicking normally during rehearsal
R: Esther Yu kicks lower due to the length of her dress

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There were also some debate about her saying goodbye and cheering on that she doesn’t have to sing “HUNT” anymore in a Weibo story with Zhao Xiaotang (赵小棠) and An Qi (安崎) after the performance. She explained, “Saying I don’t want to sing “HUNT” and I got scolded. It’s because I am afraid of singing “HUNT”. Last time, there was no sound (referring to the finale stage during the debut night). I like “Non-Daily Revelry”. It doesn’t mean that I don’t like the stage. Next time I respond, I will say I was too close to the fans. Can I not be closer? I must watch my fans’ private messages and comments. Is “Don’t forget your original intentions” just something casually talked about?”

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In another comment using her official account, she said: “I know once I wake up, a lot of people will move this. Move it, move it. Let more people know what I said, the better. It’s undefined girl group, not to redefine how to be a person.”

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  1. Just don’t mind those b*tchies who trying to bring you down… we (your real fans) love you of who you are … jiayou shuxin were always at your back ❤❤❤

  2. Her part in HUNT is terrible. I like YWY2 all the way till the last eps and surprisingly lost interest once the group debuts

    1. I love the girls…. But I also felt the same way. I think it’s because there’s no new content to enjoy (song, variety shows, etc) and they looked very very exhausted and stressed. I believe they’re also disappointed to find out that their debut song is the one they’ve sung previously.

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