Esther Yu Clarifies Calling Snow Kong the Face of THE9

Esther Yu Clarifies Calling Snow Kong the Face of THE9

Since THE9 debuted from the “Youth With You 2020” finale on May 30, each member has been treating their fans’ withdrawal symptoms with constant updates. Any rumors about discord amongst members can be thrown out as they have taken turns commenting on each other’s Weibo posts or dancing together. Esther Yu (虞书欣) has done most of her social media commenting on her “xiaohao” (小号), which is her “alt account” where she can talk about personal things, but is still public to everyone.

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On June 5, Esther Yu posted on a video she took of Snow Kong (孔雪儿) from the “How Can I Look So Good” performance on her Oasis account. Esther Yu was talking about Snow Kong’s look. She is heard saying, “Today is the day Snow Kong has a breakthrough. This is non-mainstream girl group style.” The caption accompanied with the post read: “Everyone must download Oasis for me! Presenting the face of the group, whom I made popular, Kong Strong.”

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There was some heated debate among netizens as they thought Esther Yu was naming Snow Kong the face of THE9. Due to the debate, she later clarified on her xiaohao account with a screenshot of a comment she made on that Oasis post. The comment read: “The face of the group I was talking about is the face of our A group’s “How Can I Look So Good”. (In my mind, protecting my life).” There is also blue letters written on the screenshot saying, “Don’t take it out of context anymore. But I must be blamed for not saying it clearly.”

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Accompanied with that post, she also wrote the caption: “God, I am really tired. Even though I don’t have time to keep going online, but the staff members have been telling me about everyone’s comments saying “I did this”, “don’t say this”, “this will make people misinterpret.” Look, it’s happening again. This really affects my mood to post on Weibo. Because I post one sentence and I have to explain myself with a bunch more. It’s really tiring.”

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