THE9’s Esther Yu Apologizes for Unfollowing and Re-Following Lisa on Weibo

THE9's Esther Yu Apologizes for Unfollowing and Re-Following Lisa on Weibo

THE9’s Esther Yu (虞书欣) can’t seem to catch a break on social media these days. She has been quite active on her “xiaohao” (小号) account, which is an alt Weibo account celebrities use to talk about personal things they don’t post on their official accounts. Esther Yu has previously expressed her love for BLACKPINK on her “xiaohao” account. She also showed off the gifts Lisa sent her including an autographed photo book that was signed “To: Shuxin”.

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There were rumors circulating the other BLACKPINK members, Jennie, Rose, and Jisoo, had created Weibo accounts ahead of their comeback on June 26. Some of the “yxh” (marketing) accounts had already followed those three accounts. Esther Yu followed Jennie, Rose, and Jisoo’s accounts, which haven’t been confirmed yet, using her “xiaohao” account. As she had already followed Lisa, she decided to unfollow her and then re-follow her so that their accounts would show up together in the first page of who she is following.

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Esther Yu’s xiaohao account with the members’ accounts listed on the first page of who she is following.

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This action caught the attention of some of Lisa’s Chinese fans. Esther Yu showed a chat dialogue from one of Lisa’s fan. This person explained that unfollowing and re-following Lisa’s account could deeply impact how the power of her account is weighed. It could “mess up” the power of Lisa’s account after all the work her fans have done to grow it these past few months. This fan also hoped Esther Yu would consider the consequences of her actions before she does anything in the future and that what she does can influence a lot of other people to follow suit, especially during the comeback period.

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Esther’s deleted post of the chat dialogue with one of Lisa’s fan

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Esther Yu included the following caption with the screenshot: “God, I just opened Weibo, didn’t know it would bring about this kind of outcome. Everyone, don’t follow what I did. Frequently unfollowing and following will impact how the power is weighed, even though I don’t know what it is. What do I need to do to increase the power? Sorry, really didn’t know it would be like this.”

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Esther Yu deleted that post and posted another with this caption: “Okay, I know now. Don’t worry, everyone. We should stop unfollowing and then following Lisa-laoshi again. It will decrease the weight [of the account]. See you tomorrow at the livestream.” Esther Yu also went back to like Lisa’s posts on Weibo seemingly to help her account.

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  1. 😂what’s going on blinks are u under that much stress yoh they was no need for this l thought it was a big deal u should have understood why she did it l suggest everyone who was pissed with the unfollowing should read this and so what she wanted to unfollow her what power are u talking about

  2. What the hell is this? Why do they make such a big deal over NOTHING? And even if she didn’t follow her in the first place, what would’ve been the problem? I get that Lisa is her permanent laoshi but it’s a f*cking social media account people, at least let them have their liberty to do what they want on it.
    Blinks have really gone mad this time.

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