Joseph Cheng Recounts Kiss Scenes with Ariel Lin and Janine Chang

Joseph Cheng Recounts Kiss Scenes with Ariel Lin and Janine Chang

Joseph Cheng (鄭元暢) was a guest on the 5th episode of Taiwanese variety show, “36 Questions”, hosted by celebrity astrologer, Jesse Tang (唐綺陽), Aaron Yan (炎亞綸) and Sandy Wu (吳姍儒). They talked about Joseph Cheng’s career and he shared some interesting facts during his idol drama days. When talking about the “golden years” of Taiwanese idol dramas, “It Started With a Kiss” (惡作劇之吻) is definitely in the top 5. Joseph Cheng and Ariel Lin (林依晨) became an iconic on-screen couple that many fans wished was real. This series really catapulted both of their careers. However, Joseph Cheng mentioned his kiss scene with Ariel Lin in the rain was the most unreasonable plot that he has ever filmed.

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Joseph Cheng explained he doesn’t understand why idol dramas like getting wet in the rain so much. He said, “In real life, who would be out when it’s raining hard or during a typhoon?” Talking about the scene where he confesses to Ariel Lin in the pouring rain, Joseph Cheng revealed he couldn’t see anything at all when he filmed that scene. He said, “It wasn’t real rain. It was a sprinkler truck. That rain really washed away my contact lens. Truthfully speaking, when I was rehearsing with Ariel, I couldn’t even look at her face clearly.”

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He revealed that he forced his eyes to stay open with the rain pouring down. After saying a bunch of romantic lines and the kiss scene, the camera was filming the right side of his face. He had secretly opened the left side of his mouth so that the rain would pour out or else he and Ariel Lin would’ve drowned in that scene.

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Aside from Ariel Lin, Joseph Cheng also brought up a bizarre kiss scene with Janine Chang (張鈞甯) from “You Light Up My Star” (你照亮我星球) was the most memorable one for him. He explained, “At that time, I had to pout my lips and when I kissed Janine, she used her mouth to bite my lips!”

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