Ariel Lin Got to Work with Four Hunky Men in “I Will Never Let You Go”

Ariel Lin Got to Work with Four Hunky Men in "I Will Never Let You Go"

Taiwanese actress, Ariel Lin (林依晨), is quite lucky when it comes to working with her male co-stars. She has been paired with with Hu Ge (胡歌), Chen Bolin (陳柏霖), and Joe Cheng (鄭元暢), who have all gone on to become stars in their own right. In her latest series, “I Will Never Let You Go” (小女花不棄), she has the luxury of working with these hunky male co-stars and has three men pining for her heart!

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Ariel Lin and Vin Zhang Binbin are Oozing with Chemistry in “I Will Never Let You Go”

Hunk No 1: Vin Zhang Binbin (張彬彬)

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The 27 year old up and coming Chinese actor is signed under Yang Mi’s (楊冪)company. He is mostly known for his costume drama series such as “Li Jing” (離鏡) in “Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms” (三生三世十里桃花) and “King Ying Zheng” (秦王贏政) in “The King’s Woman” (時麗人明月心). In “I Will Never Let You Go,” he plays dual characters: the masked vigilante, Lian Yike (蓮衣客) and royal prince, Chen Yu (陳煜). He is first male lead and has everyone fawning over the couple feels between him and Ariel Lin, who portrays the titular character, “Bu Qi” (不棄). They are fondly referred to as the “LianHua CP” (蓮花夫妻) by netizens.

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Ariel Lin Got to Work with Four Hunky Men in "I Will Never Let You Go"

Despite the 11 year age gap, many netizens have praised the two for having a lot of CP feels and their cute interactions with each other on Weibo. They are also saying Ariel Lin must’ve took a drink from the fountain of youth as she hasn’t aged at all. Perhaps the two were destined to work together as they met each other at an award show at the end of 2017 and took a selfie together. In a later interview, Vin Zhang even said the female actor he most wanted to work with was Ariel Lin.

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Hunk No 2: Austin Lin (林柏宏)

The 31 year old Taiwanese actor plays second male lead, “Dong Fang Shi” (東方炻). While he looks to be one of the more youthful one out of all the hunky actors, he is actually the oldest out of the four. He doesn’t appear until episode 19. He is kind of the opposite of Vin Zhang’s character as he is more playful and less up tight. He will be fighting with Vin Zhang for “Bu Qi’s” heart. He is also signed under the same management company as Ariel Lin, making him her junior brother, “shidi” (師弟).

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Hunk No 3: Kris Sun (孫祖君)

The 29 year old Chinese actor plays, “Yun Lang” (雲琅), the young master of the “Fei Yunbao” family. Even though he is technically the third male lead, his actions and unrequited love for “Bu Qi”, resembles more of the qualities from a second male lead. He was a bit annoying at first, but he grows on you once he realizes he likes “Bu Qi” and makes the ultimate sacrifices for her in order to see her happy and alive. His character will definitely make you root for him. It also doesn’t hurt that Kris Sun gave the viewers a glimpse of his muscular body. While Vin Zhang might have the best overall stage presence, acting chops, and looks, Kris Sun definitely has the best physique, as shown in his shirtless pics on Weibo and Instagram.

Kris Sun also released a cringeworthy music video called “Gravity” (地心引力) in 2015 that he might want to forget about forever. He does show off his body though.

Hunk No 4: Xing En (邢恩)

Everybody is probably already familiar with the “fourth hunk,” Xing En, a Chinese actress, who plays “Mo Ruofei” (莫若菲), “Bu Qi”s half-brother. Xing En caused quite the stir among fans when it was revealed she is actually a female playing a male role. Her androgynous looks have also earned her the title as “China’s Most Handsome Woman.” Some fans are even more concerned about Xing En’s character than the female and male leads.

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Fan Girls are Swooning Over Xing En Instead of Vin Zhang in “I Will Never Let You Go”

While the series hasn’t ranked high in terms of ratings, the word of mouth is generally good among fans. The producer of the series rejoiced when the series recently trended on the hot search list on Weibo. It comes at a great time after seeing her jokingly mention several times how the production crew didn’t have the funds to buy their way onto the hot search list. As for Ariel Lin, she has a history of bringing fame to her male co-stars. Will she catapult Vin Zhang into the next level of stardom with this series?

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