“Come Home Love – Lo and Behold” Extended to 720 Episodes

Come Home Love - Lo and Behold Extended to 720 Episodes

TVB’s “Come Home Love: Lo and Behold” (愛·回家之開心速遞) adds another accolade to their belt. The series is having a great year so far after celebrating Mandy Lam’s “Best Supporting Actress” at the 2018 TVB Anniversary awards in December, then the cast and crew celebrated the ratings reaching 30.5 points for the January 1st episode. The cast and crew recently attended a celebratory dinner banquet held by TVB. Lau Dan (劉丹), who was also present, said, “I hope we can challenge “Kindred Spirit’s” (真情) record of 1128 episodes. Our goal is to surpass 1129 episodes.” Lau Dan also asked senior TVB executive, Catherine Tsang, famously referred to as “Sister Tsang,” if she would support their goal, which she gave an okay sign.

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Sister Tsang also expressed, “To reach 1128 episodes, I don’t think there is any difficulty.” She also announced that the series would be extended to 720 episodes and said “This is why we will reach 1000 episodes really quickly.” The series was already extended for another 100 episodes last September, making the total episode count to 540. When asked if Sister Tsang is guaranteeing the series reaches 1129 episodes, she says, “It’s not me guaranteeing it. They need to work hard. It requires a lot of different parties to come together. I hope we can surpass “Kindred Spirit.” On whether they will be adding more characters to bring more excitement to the storyline, Sister Tsang says, “It’s already very exciting. The series actually has a lot of storylines to explore. There is a lot of room for development.”

Credit: hk01.com, Mark Ma IG