Jan Tse Rumored to be Frozen by TVB

Jan Tse Rumored to be Frozen by TVB

The popularity of the daily series, “Come Home Love: Lo and Behold” is unparalleled. There are news about the series and it’s cast practically everyday. The latest news about Mark Ma and Jan Tse leaving the show was devastating to a lot of the fans of the on-screen couple. Mark Ma and a producer on the show later clarified it was just a temporary leave as Mark Ma and Jan Tse are busy filming other series. However, rumors have been circulating among fans that Jan Tse is being frozen by TVB.

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The rumors started when TVB held a celebratory dinner banquet with the cast and crew to celebrate the success of the show. Mark Ma attended the dinner, but Jan Tse was nowhere to be seen. Netizens attributed Jan Tse’s absence from the dinner to the rumors of her being frozen by TVB. Something similar happened last year when Jan Tse was missing from the promotional poster for an event and fans surmised she was leaving the show. Shortly afterwards, her character was written out for three months. Mark Ma told hk01.com, “I didn’t hear about those rumors. Maybe she is busy working. I see her on IG saying she’s filming “Forensic Heroes IV” (法政先鋒). I think there are also other projects she’s working on.”

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Mandy Lam also commented on the rumors, “I didn’t hear about it. She should be filming another series. I see her at work sometimes.” Jack Hui added, “She should be filming “Forensic Heroes IV.” I’ve also had to take time off from the series to film “Fist Fight” (兄弟) before.

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Fans might be overzealous this time since their speculations of Jan Tse leaving the show last year were actually true. Based on Jan Tse’s IG, it looks like she is busy with other work commitments.

Credit: hk01.com (1, 2), Jan Tse IG

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  1. It’ll be cool to see this series surpass Kindred Spirit’s long-standing record. CHL has managed to keep the series very light-hearted while KS had some pretty dark and outrageous storylines…but it was still very entertaining lol.

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