Jan Tse and Mark Ma Want a Love Triangle Storyline in “Come Home Love”

Mark Ma Jan Tse TVB Come Home Love

Mark Ma and Jan Tse play “Professor” and “Mandy” respectively in TVB’s “Come Home Love – Lo and Behold” (愛‧回家之開心速遞).  Their characters are also a couple in the series and are an audience favorite.  Even though the couple is widely loved by netizens, they said this was unexpected as the original script didn’t contain a romance storyline.  The two actors also didn’t cooperate much previously, so they spent quite some time to work up their chemistry.  

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When talking about the popularity of the couple, Mark Ma says it’s all thanks to his girlfriend.  He says, “I added a lot of couple interactions in the series.  Netizens have also noticed and said it was very sweet.  A lot of this is actually things I would do with my girlfriend in reality.”  When asked if his girlfriend would support the reel couple, Mark Ma says, “She is a fan.  Not only would she not get jealous, sometimes she would even blame me for not being more intimate.  She encourages me to go further.  She is a very strong willed person.  She understands it’s necessary for my work.  She’s actually more jealous of my cat.”  

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In the series, “Mandy” is the one who pursues “Professor.”  Jan Tse says in reality, she is more traditional and would wait for men to pursue first.  She also shares that she went to an all girls school before and the most she would do was secretly admire a boy from the neighboring school.  As for Mark Ma, he reveals he has been pursued by women before, but it wasn’t a right match so he told her straight out to avoid any misunderstandings.  As for future development of their couple storyline, Jan Tse hopes to have a long running third party added to their romantic storyline.  Jan Tse adds, “It’s best if each party has a romantic rival.  The more complicated it gets, the more chemistry we’ll have.”  

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Mark Ma says, “If we have a new collaboration, we can try being competing rivals.  It’ll be the best if we prank each other nonstop.”  When asked if they have any other projects going on, Mark Ma says he is focusing on “Come Home Love” right now.  The two hope to surpass “Kindred Spirit’s” record for the longest running series and film 2,000 episodes.  

Credit: hk.on.cc, Mark Ma IG