Natalie Tong Denies Dating Education Consultant, Samuel Chan

Natalie Tong Samuel Chan Sze Ming Dating Rumors Instagram

Ever since Natalie Tong’s (唐詩詠) very public and tearful breakup with Tony Hung (洪永城), she has remained single, at least to our knowledge.  She was involved in a minor car accident a few days ago.  Luckily, no one was hurt, but Natalie Tong expressed she was still very scared.  According to a tip sent by an Apple Daily reader, Natalie Tong was actually dining with a mystery male before the accident occurred.  It turns out this mystery male is Samuel Chan (陳思銘), a “British Style Education” Consultant and CEO of a higher learning center.  

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Aside from Samuel Chan, there was another guest, Kiki Lam (林子萱), who was also dining with the two of them.  According to the reader, the two were getting quite cozy with each other.  However, Natalie Tong has denied dating Samuel Chan.  When asked why Samuel Chan was touching her head, Natalie Tong says, “It was just dirty.  He is a mutual friend of ours.  We were just having a happy dinner with friends.  I have no comment regarding other things.”  As for Samuel Chan, he responded back to Apple Daily in English.  He said, “That day, it was really just a dinner gathering with friends.”  When asked if he is pursuing Natalie Tong, Samuel Chan says, “My understanding of her is lacking.  So I can’t make any comments, but as a friend, she is very good.”  

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It seems once the news got out, it bothered Natalie Tong as she went to Instagram and posted the following message today: “Being human is hard, being my friend is even harder.  I won’t be discouraged.  I will continue to find my freedom in this confined space. #Ishouldstayhometowatchdramas #homebodylifestyle”

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Natalie Tong and Tony Hung broke up last May.  Even though Tony Hung clarified their breakup wasn’t due to marriage ultimatums or a third party, it was rumored Natalie Tong was dating Andrew Lo (盧啟邦), Alvin Chau Cheok Wa’s (周焯華) right hand man, for a month.  However, Tony Hung came out and said, “As far as I know, Natalie Tong is single.”  At that time, Natalie Tong came out to deny the rumors and said, “I am not a money grubbing person.”  It was rumored the ex-lovers got back together earlier this year and were even seen going out together.  However, both clarified they were just at a friends gathering and told everyone not to be so sensitive.

Credit: Apple Daily, Ming Pao, Natalie Tong IG, Samuel Chan IG