Vincent Wong and Natalie Tong Reunite in New Series “The Solvers”

Vincent Wong and Natalie Tong Reunite in New Series "The Solvers"

TVB’s best actor and best actress in 2017 were awarded to Vincent Wong (王浩信) and Natalie Tong (唐詩詠), who were an on screen couple in the highly popular 2017 series, “My Unfair Lady” (不懂撒嬌的女人).  Their story plus hints of cheesy Korean drama antics in the backdrop sparked a lot of chemistry for the couple, Cherry and Saving.  To bank on their popularity, TVB has coupled them up in new series, “The Solvers” (解決師).

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Natalie’s character is a triad boss’s daughter who is unhappy with her family’s ties to gangs.  By chance, she meets Vincent’s character, who is a solver.  Every time Natalie’s character runs into trouble, he will always appear to help her solve the issue.  

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The cast and crew were filming for the series in Tsim Tsa Tsui recently.  In one particular scene, Natalie’s character is being kidnapped and thrown into a van.  Vincent’s character comes in the nick of time to save her, but also suffers a beating from the kidnappers.  At the scene, Vincent’s character is seen coming out from the stairs, rushing to save Natalie’s character who has fainted in the van, while being chased by a bunch of people.  All the while, the gangsters are still beating him until he falls down to the ground.  Luckily, there was a mat on the ground to prevent Vincent from getting hurt when he fell down.  

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No Stunt Double

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Instead of using a stunt double, Vincent is doing all the action scenes himself.  Before the cameras were rolling, Vincent stretched his limbs and was fighting back so hard, his shirt was drenched with sweat.  While Vincent is getting beat up, his friend, portrayed by Bianca Wu (胡琳), suddenly appears to save him, witnessing what went down.  Bianca, whose first series was”Heart and Greed 3″, is portraying a neurosurgeon in this series.

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When asked if there were any fun moments in the series, Natalie responded, “I’m very relaxed.  In this series, I am constantly being saved.  Vincent is the one suffering.  When asked about their chemistry since they are collaborating again, Natalie said, “Filming is very smooth.  The process is relaxing.  He is a good partner.”  Vincent also compliments Natalie saying, “We have chemistry as partners, there are sparks.  Our thinking is the same.  I hope we can give something fresh to the audience.”

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When talking about the numerous action scenes he has in the series, Vincent says, “I’m already used to falling on the ground.  As a whole, I hope we can give off a fresh feeling to the audience.  This series has a lot of different elements, there are triads, cops and students, and also action and love scenes.  We had a lot of sparks filming with a bunch of students previously.  They were very eager to film their scenes well.  The atmosphere was good.”

Credit: Apple Daily, Vincent Wong IG

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