Vincent Wong Gives His First Male On-Screen Kiss to Owen Cheung

Vincent Wong Gives His First Male On-Screen Kiss to Owen Cheung

The cast of new TVB series, “Al Cappuccino” (極道怪咖), had their blessing ceremony today. Male lead, Vincent Wong (王浩信), reveals his main love interest is Kathy Yuen (湯怡), but there are some bromance scenes between him and Owen Cheng (張振朗). He even says there are some “accidental intimate scenes.” Vincent Wong reveals, “He is my first male on-screen kiss partner. The scene was quite pretty. I hope we don’t get complaints.” When asked if he had pondered about the kissing scene, Vincent Wong says, “None at all. It was actually not awkward at all. We are already good brothers like both of us using one pair of chopsticks.”

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As for Kathy Yuen, she reveals her character meets Vincent Wong in bed, but they haven’t filled the scene yet. However, they have already filmed the kissing scenes. She reveals, “That scene talks about Vincent Wong and Owen Cheung kissing first and then Vincent Wong kisses me. So I inadvertently kissed both male leads.”

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Crystal Fung (馮盈盈), who is another female lead, plays Vincent Wong’s superior in the series and is always yelling at him. She says to Kathy Yuen, “You’re so lucky, you can kiss two handsome men. It’s a very happy thing.” Kathy Yuen goes on to say that it wasn’t awkward kissing Vincent Wong since it’s a comedy series and that they’ve already gotten familiar with each other after working for some time. She actually couldn’t stop laughing when facing Owen Cheung. She says the two of them didn’t have any sparks and only have a brother-sister relationship.

Credit: Ming Pao (1, 2), Vincent Wong IG

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