Kathy Yuen Recounts the Days of Being Broke Before Breaking into Mainstream with “Al Cappuccino”

Kathy Yuen Recounts the Days of Being Broke Before Breaking into Mainstream with "Al Cappuccino"

TVB’s current series, “Al Cappuccino” (反黑路人甲), features an ensemble cast and a lot of familiar faces. However, one of the female leads of the series, Kathy Yuen (湯怡), who plays “So Tsz-shan”, is not one of TVB’s own “daughters”. Since the series aired, Kathy Yuen has “broke into mainstream” with her first TVB series and has left a lasting impression with viewers due to her “gentle” look in the series. Some have even called her the new “glasses goddess”.

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Kathy Yuen started out as a part time model and had signed up to join TVB’s variety show, “Beautiful Cooking” (美女廚房). She later signed with EEG and played the younger version of Gigi Lai’s (黎姿) character in the 2007 series, “Life Art” (寫意人生). Afterwards, she also filmed series with HKTV and and movies. She said her being signed and joining showbiz was all unexpected. Had she not joined the entertainment industry, she might’ve become a flight attendant like her older sister.

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In her 14 year career in the business, Kathy Yuen recounts some of the bitter and sad moments she has experienced. She recalled a time when she didn’t have any work, any income for half a year, but she still persisted to give her money to her family “because after entering society, no matter if you have income or not, you still need to give ‘family money’ (家用). This is a matter of responsibility. If you don’t have income and don’t give ‘family money’, this is an invalid thing.”

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Luckily, Kathy Yuen shared she is also very frugal and doesn’t spend money. She said she can eat bread for 3 meals each day. When possible, she chooses to take public transportation instead of taxis in order to save money. She thinks taking taxis is a luxury and wants to save where she can.

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While Kathy Yuen says her family has never had any opinions about her joining the industry, she revealed she and her mother exchanged some words when she had no work. She revealed, “There was a time when I had no income. My mom saw that I was always home so she would nag me and say, ‘You’re still at home? Still no work?’ She said that a lot in a week. I finally couldn’t take it anymore and said, ‘If I had work, I don’t want to be staying home either. I want to have work too, but it’s nothing I can control.’ After that fight we had, she no longer asked me. I understand the worries parents have, but both parties need to communicate well.”

Kathy Yuen admits that she had thoughts of giving up her showbiz career due to her financial situation. However, her parents are still working and she has an older sister and a younger brother, but the financial burden aren’t on her shoulders.

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As for her love life, Kathy Yuen reveals that she is a person who lacks a sense of security and wants to find someone who can give her that. When asked if she has any suitors pursuing her right now, she revealed friends have introduced male friends to her and said, “In the process of knowing each other. First off, I don’t have time to date and I want to slowly get to know each other. I don’t want to date just for the sake of dating.” When asked if she would get back with her ex-boyfriend, Ken Hung (洪卓立), who she dated for 11 years before splitting in 2018, she responded, “Not responding to this one.”

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